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Double and Single Slider Windows

Horizontal slider windows are a convenient choice for anyone looking for a great view and a low-maintenance solution. Dalmen Pro’s selection of single and double slider windows give you versatile choices for your home, featuring an energy-efficient design and durable construction in our signature Omni and Optima Series frames. It’s easy to see why slider windows are such a hit with homeowners!

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Convenience in Design, Beauty in Elegant Simplicity

Sometimes the best things in life are also the simplest: a game of catch in the back yard, a tall glass of lemonade on a hot, humid day, a friendly smile when you’re feeling down…
Slider windows work on the premise that sometimes, less is more, so don’t mistake their simplicity for a lack of design. They work without springs, levers, or cranks—with fewer moving parts, they’re easy to use, low-maintenance, and likely to last you years to come. And you can put away your ladder, too; since the sashes simply rest along a track, you can easily remove them for cleaning, any time!

Unlike their vertical counterparts, single and double slider windows fit into much wider openings, making them perfect to enjoy a mostly-unobstructed view while allowing plenty of airflow through your home. And with Dalmen Pro’s high standards for energy efficiency, you can rest assured that you’re making the smart investment for your home. Our Omni Series PVC frames and Optima Series PVC-aluminum hybrids are both designed to help regulate your home’s temperature, while triple-glazed low-E glass works around the clock to let light in without turning your favourite room into a sauna!

Gamma Series

UNICA Series