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Double or single hung windows

Hung windows are a classic and time-proven addition to your home. At Dalmen Pro, we carry a modern twist on the traditional single-hung window design, as well as the more cutting-edge double-hung window, a versatile solution which builds on a solid foundation by bringing bold new features into the mix. Double-Hung Windows are available in our signature GAMMA Series PVC frame and Single-Hung windows are available in both our GAMMA and  UNICA Series PVC-aluminum hybrid.

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Modern Twists on an Old Classic

Hung windows are one of the oldest styles of windows still commonly used today—but these aren’t your dad’s windows! Dalmen Pro’s GAMMA Series double-hung and single-hung windows and UNICA Series single-hung windows have done away with the basic wooden construction—which was subject to swelling and becoming stuck, not to mention mold and rot—and replaced it with a frame and sash made of either thermally-welded PVC or a PVC-aluminum hybrid. These are not only built to last, but help seal your home against the elements, improving your energy efficiency. In addition, they’re made with glass specially designed to help regulate your home’s internal temperature, so you can let the sun in all you like without worrying about your air conditioning bill.

Using spring coils to lock into place, our hung windows are incredibly easy to operate, and double-hung units come with the added benefit of being easy to clean—simply tilt the sash inwards, and clean from the inside, even if they’re installed on the second floor. Our double-hung windows are also perfect for cross-ventilation in any room, and both styles are versatile enough to match any home.

Gamma Series

UNICA Series