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French Doors

French doors are a must have for customers that are searching for that additional touch of elegance and allure. They are an undeniably sophisticated choice for a home’s interior or exterior. You can increase the magnificence and overall curb appeal of your home without requiring a complete renovation. Exterior French doors are guaranteed to be well-insulated to protect against all severe weather conditions, all year-round!

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Opening up a World of Possibility

French doors are renowned for their beautiful design details and heavy use of glass panes for the purpose of letting natural light flood a room and brighten it up. They normally come in pairs and open up from the center, but there are also models that slide to either side to create an entryway in the middle. This allows visitors an opportunity to create a grander entrance than with a regular door. Depending on your personal preference, your home can charm visitors with French doors that open from the inside or the outside.

Fun fact: French doors originated from windows whose length reached the floor and led to small balconies during the 17th century. Of course, during this time, electricity hadn’t been discovered yet so the idea was to let in as much sunlight as possible to avoid sitting in the dark. Furthermore, Renaissance architecture called for symmetrical designs, which explains the pair of doors opening up at the centre. While these features still act as major draws for homeowners to make a purchase, as the doors evolved in modern times, there was also an emphasis on the pure aesthetic quality of having these doors in the home. And if sophisticated beauty is what you want, then you’ll certainly get it with French doors.