Bay and Bow Windows Are Great for Any Home

Get Your Windows Replacement Underway and Start Relaxing Sooner

Building a comfortable space by a window can often be a challenging process. You want to make the most of the space while also making a comfortable nook that allows you to reflect and relax. This may mean renovating an existing space (i.e. windows replacement), or it may mean sprucing up the room to highlight a feature, such as a new bay window.

While there is no right or wrong way to craft that perfect space, here are a few tips to create a comfortable nook with a bay or bow window:

Soften up your space by creating a nook

Using smaller-sized sofas, pillows, cushions, or even a mattress near a window can really soften a room and provide the perfect spot to sprawl out and relax both night and day. Considering the different seasons in Ottawa, windows accompanied by relaxing sofas offer a great view through fall, winter, and summer. If your bay or bow window space has a ledge, you can opt to use some throw pillows or cushions to create a comfy reading nook that lets you soak in the scenery whenever you like.

Diversify the space so it serves multiple purposes

Once your windows replacement has been installed and you are able to enjoy your new bay or bow window, don’t be afraid to extend its use beyond relaxation. Adding shelving on the accompanying walls to house your books or decorations can lift an already dreamy space to the next level. Building tray spaces for your food and drinks can save you the risk of spilling all over your pillows. You can even add an extra sleeping space for guests by adding a pull-out couch or mattress underneath your bay window ledge.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

While a bay or bow window maximizes the amount of natural light for your room, you can still accent your nook with colourful and functional drapes, curtains, or blinds. Not only will they add a different look to the rest of the room when drawn, a good set of drapes, curtains, or blinds can accentuate the look of the bay window from the outside as well. Paying for a windows replacement to set up a bay or bow window adds charm and character to the inside and outside of your house all at once.

Bay and bow windows, for the reasons and uses detailed above, can really open up space in any room, giving new life to the room and giving you a gorgeous view of the outside world. They are an easily identifiable architectural addition to any house, and especially add to the room when you are able to sit back and relax. If you have any questions about windows replacement, don’t hesitate to contact an Ottawa windows expert. They can get you that new space you’ve always wanted.

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