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Choosing the Right Patio Door Installation

As much as you may like cranking the air conditioning, there is something nice about letting the patio doors open to hear, smell and feel the warm breeze even when you are inside. If you are considering a new patio door installation as part of a renovation or because it is time for a change, there are some things to consider when searching for the right patio doors. Ottawa windows and doors experts have many options when it comes to budget, patio door installation and design. Here are a few things to consider:


From swinging to sliding, folding and French doors, there is a lot of flexibility now regarding the types of patio doors Ottawa homes can have. A sliding or “gliding” patio door is installed parallel to the wall with glass panels that slide across for a continuous glass surface. Other patio doors Ottawa homeowners can choose are “hinged” or swinging doors that swing inside or outside. The doors can either be hinged like a regular door with glass panels or as a French door with two glass or tinted doors that meet in the middle. Another patio door installation option is folded or “accordion” style doors: when the doors slide out they fold back in together like a stack of cards.


As well as the aesthetic appeal of your patio door installation choice, considering what type of material for your patio doors is also an important decision. There are many options for the glass and frame materials you can consider that will make any patio doors in Ottawa homes durable, energy efficient and easy on the eyes. Tinted glass can add some sun protection, decorative glass adds an aesthetic touch and fiberglass is fairly low maintenance.


Choosing a door that swings in, out or folds depends on how much space you have where you plan the patio door installation. Having a patio doors that swing from the inside means you need adequate open space inside for the doors to open easily, while doors swinging outside means the patio or balcony needs enough space for the door to open out. For homes with smaller spaces, sliding doors can save on space. You will also want to think about how much of a transition you want between the indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, a wider patio door or a folding door opens an entire wall will create more of an indoor-outdoor feel.


Now that you have thought about materials, frames and hinges, step back a moment to consider the style of your home. Before the patio door installation begins, make sure the patio doors match the look, feel and colours of the rest of the rooms. Will your patio doors get a lot of traffic from pets, guests and children or be used as an additional entrance? Adding a patio door gives Ottawa homes more natural lighting, wonderful views and creates a stunning focal point between the inside and outside world.

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