Why Choose Custom Designed Windows

New Designs That Impress

When youre shopping for windows, you should notfeel constrained to just buy the exact same windows you home has had before.There is a wealth ofdifferent varieties, drawing on centuries of technological and stylistic advancements to offer your home the windows could potentially suit your home much better!

ABetter Fit

The older stock window sizes available dont always fit the actual size and shape of the opening in your home.If youre looking for a simple replacement job, then this could be much more complicated than a do-it-yourself project.

You might findyourself taking on the issue of the windownot being sealed properly, leading to air leakage. Having something made to measure is the easiest way to avoid these issues. Of course, if youre looking for something better,the benefits of custom designed windows are well worth the cost.

The Design Options are Endless

You can make a personal statement in your home with a custom window, big or small, that adds the perfect touch to a room or boosts your curb appeal to the next level.

From condo-style floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the light to a charmingly rustic arched window with classically-inspired muntins, to a stained-glass transom, the choice is yours!

Designs That Match

Sure, you could add a basic double-hung or casement window to your Tudor revival house, but the question is, would you really want to? Why not a custom window installation that actually complements the architectural design?

A stock design may not necessarily go with every style of home. By having your new windows made custom just for your home, you can make sure they always match.

You Pick The Features

When designing your new windows, youre in control of design choices such as whether the new sashes will be double- or triple-glazed, what U-factor and SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) the glass has, and more.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

One of the unspoken benefits of having better quality, and properly installed custom windows is that they raise the overall value of your home. In a way, think of it is an investment, especially if you do plan to sell your home within a certain time period.

Like other renovation efforts, whether it is flooring or new paint, new windows not only add to the decor, but are a huge selling point for a house that has been renovated.

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