Deck Out Your Decko Patio Doors

Modern Curtain Design Ideas For Decko Patio Doors

When choosing drapes or blinds for your Decko patio doors, you can find both practical and stylish window coverings that will look great on your doors and in your home. With many designs to choose from, you will no doubt find a few to match your home’s décor. For Decko patio doors in Ottawa, consider coverings that insulate from the extreme temperatures while blocking the sun’s glare and UV rays. Here are some of the practical and stylish design options for curtains and blinds that will complement your home and your patio doors:


Drapes come in many sizes and designs, with a wide variety of prints, colours, patterns, and fabrics that will add to the look of your Decko patio doors. Whether you want drapes with neutral colours, a silky sheer, or embroidered patterns, there are many modern designs available. Drapes are easy to open when you want to let some light in or need easy access to your patio. Drapes also vary in thickness, so you can use lighter drapes in the summer and thicker drapes in the winter.

You can choose from stationary drapes with tiebacks or free-flowing drapes that feature metal rings or grommets. You can also layer your drapes – for example, using a sheer drape layer underneath for privacy without blocking the natural light. There are also many modern rod designs to choose from, including metal or wooden options, along with many colours, styles, and finials (ornaments on the ends of the rods). Whatever your home’s style might be, there are sure to be drapes that will match.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds also come in many designs, colours, and materials. They are practical for Decko patio doors in Ottawa because they are durable, open easily on sliding doors, and provide insulation from the heat and cold. Vertical honeycomb (or cellular) blinds have extra insulation, glide easily with patio doors, and have various designs for any décor. S-shaped vertical blinds have the flowy look of drapes and are easy to open, allowing easy access to your patio or just a great view of your new patio doors.

There are many custom blind retailers both online and in Ottawa that will help you choose the best style for both your home and your patio doors. Whether you’re enjoying the summer on your patio or admiring the view of the snow from inside, the right window coverings on your patio doors will complement your home in any season.

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