How to Enhance Your Basement’s Windows

What You Need to Know When Undergoing Window Replacements in Your Basement

Basement windows often don’t leave much room for creativity for those who are looking to enhance the look of their basement. Here are a few ways you could potentially redecorate or replace your basement windows.

The first thing that owners should always keep in mind when undergoing basement window replacements, is that they must adhere to certain security measures. There should always be at least one window which can be used as an exit in case of an emergency.

This window should be able to be fully opened when needed and big enough for occupants to exit or emergency workers to pass through in case of a fire. The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) requires in that matter that an egress window shall provide an opening of a minimum of 0.35 m² without additional support.

Three Creative Ways to Make Your Basic Windows Look Amazing


Light shutters can do magic. Not only do they increase the feeling of intimacy into a room and give you excellent light closure, but when laid out with the appropriate draperies, they can create the illusion of larger windows.


It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but using dark framed windows in a blank/white space can dramatically enhance your basement. Especially if there are other black colored items in the room that intensify the contrast.


Built-ins such as shelves right underneath a basement window can improve the functionality of a room. Use this space to display small artwork and books. It is also worth mentioning that built-ins can provide a feeling of symmetry and a viable focal point.

If remodeling or undergoing basement window replacements proves to be too much of trouble, calling in experts who can dully replace your windows could save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Not to mention, hiring experts eliminates the risk of possible damages caused by simple mistakes.

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