Install Triple-Glazed Windows with a Pro

Ottawa Windows Manufacturers Recommend Not Going DIY Route without Experience

You’re a self-proclaimed home handyman, and most of your friends agree. You share your Pinterest DIY tales with pride and watch YouTube “How-To’s” for fun. So now that it’s time for new triple-glazed windows you’ve got a WikiHow page bookmarked and you’re ready to go—but not so fast! Let’s just take a minute to think things through here. While there are many home projects you can do yourself and while you may be a home handyman, when it comes to windows it’s best to call a professional. Here are a few reasons why:


There are many key features of triple-glazed windows that make them a great choice for cold regions such as Ottawa. Windows that reduce drafts, cold air, and condensation are a must—and coincidentally that’s just what these windows do. However, even the best window is only as good as its installation. That is to say, if it isn’t installed properly you won’t receive all the benefits and energy savings it can offer. Because energy-efficient windows do cost a little more, opting for a professional installation will help optimize your investment.


Windows, in Ottawa especially, are something homeowners can’t really go without. Whether it’s during the frigid winter, humid summer, or the quirky seasons in-between, replacing your windows as quickly as possible is another must. A team of professional installers will have the combined expertise and skill to get the job done quickly.


Unfortunately, it takes more than just having a saw to make you a carpenter. And when you install your own windows in Ottawa you run the risk of cutting the frame too big, or unevenly. From an aesthetic point of view, windows are a big part of a home’s allure. A poor design will not only look bad, it will also leave the fixture vulnerable to imperfections such as cracks, improper sealing, and reduced insulation.


When you attempt to install your own windows without experience, you run the risk of breaking the glass, cracking the frame, or improperly sealing the fixture. More importantly, you run the risk of hurting yourself. A lack of experience, or using the wrong tools in the wrong ways, can greatly increase the chance of an accident. If any damage or injury should happen, the liability will fall on the homeowner—that’s you, so don’t expect anyone to cover you.

While there are many home projects you may be capable of performing DIY-style, installing your new windows in Ottawa isn’t one of them. Though you might be a home handyman, it’s important to know when to break out your toolbox, and when to call for a pro—like when it comes to those new triple-glazed windows.

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