Making Doors and Windows More Personal

How the Right Colour, a Can of Paint, and a Lot of Character Makes the Most of Windows and Doors

Have you ever considered the colours of your windows and doors? Many people still have the colours they had when they moved into their current home, and haven’t put much thought into how something like the colours of their entry way might impact the impression they give to guests, potential buyers, or even to themselves as they come home at the end of a long day.

The right colour can make a huge difference for a house’s doors, and windows (depending on the material of the frame) can often be made to match or complement them. Don’t let yourself fall into the boring trap of bland windows and doors—here are a few ways to pick a colour you can feel excited about:

Think About the Architecture

Different homes are built in different styles, and sometimes certain paint tones are more appropriate for one style than they are for another. Certain older traditional styles, like Queen Anne, Victorian, and Tudor (really anything named after British royalty) tend to work well with a deep, rich hue for the door, like navy blue, or a dark green or red. The earthy look of a cottage or Craftsman-style home, alternatively, might match well with a bright, nature-inspired colour. Living in a beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival home? How about a bright turquoise or clay-like burnt orange?

Think About the Colour of Your Home

There are two ways to paint your doors and windows relative to the colour of your home—you can coordinate, or you can contrast. Both are equally valid ways to go, and the choice depends on whether you’d prefer to make a bold statement, or a more subtle one with your home. For a coordinating door, consider matching tones warm with warm, and cool with cool. For example, red brick with a deep brown mahogany finish, or charcoal aluminum siding with a deep blue door are both attractive options. Contrast works in reverse—two colours, shades, or tones that are opposing to each other, but look good together. The possibilities are endless!

Think About the Feeling You Want to Create

Your doorway is where you welcome people into your house, and the first thing you see when you come home from a long day. Bold windows and doors are one of the first things someone will notice from the outside of your house. Whether you mean for them to or not, the colours you paint these elements will influence the way people feel about your home—including you. The most important factor in this entire process is the feelings the colours you pick evoke for you. Do they make you feel happy, welcomed, and cozy, or do they create a space that’s cold and alienating? This is a question only you can answer, so put your heart into it.

Now go out there and make a personal statement with your doors and windows!

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