Security Accessories for Safe Windows and Doors

Make Your Home Even Safer with These Window and Door Accessories

There are plenty of durable and safe windows and doors on the market today. But it doesn’t hurt to be cautious with your home’s security. By taking precautions, you and your family can sleep better knowing that your home is safe from potential intruders.

There are many safety accessories that you can install on your windows and doors to make them and your home even safer by deterring intruders from entering your home.

Window and Door Alarms

You can install alarms on your windows and doors that detect motions with sensors, sound an alarm to scare off intruders, and notify you of a security threat to your home. These alarms are recommended for basement and main-floor windows that can be easily accessed by intruders.

Window Bars

Although bars on windows may be reminiscent of prisons, there are decorative window bars that will look attractive while protecting your windows from potential break-ins. These bars add extra security to your windows by preventing intruders from getting through.

Window and Door Locks

Deadbolt locks are strong and durable, ensuring safer windows and doors. If your doors and windows have strong locks, they will be much more difficult to kick in or open.

Vinyl window locks are another secure option for windows, ideal for basement and main-floor windows. Since top-floor windows are less accessible to intruders, simple locks are sufficient.

Home Security Systems

Depending on your budget for home security, you can opt to install a DIY security system or hire an alarm company to install and monitor your home. Both systems include motion sensors on windows and doors and a complete monitoring system that can be accessed remotely. These alarm systems require a password to set the alarm and to turn it off.

If the alarm goes off and the password isn’t entered on the keypad in a specified amount of time, the alarm company will be notified. The company will then contact you to see if they need to send the police to your home.

Security systems are useful to have when you are out of town. Placing the security system sticker on windows and doors is another way to deter intruders.

Even if you have durable and safe windows and doors, these added security accessories can improve your home security and ease your mind.

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