Show Cold Weather The Door

The Best Replacement Doors For Ottawa Winters

With winter weather fast approaching Ottawa, it’s time to prepare your home for the coming season. If your home’s exterior doors are worn down, warped, or poorly insulated, you should consider getting new doors installed before the snow starts to fall. Replacement doors in Ottawa are a great investment and will go a long way towards helping keep the cold out.

In many cases, these doors offer superior energy efficiency and a better thermal rating, meaning they’re going to keep the heat indoors where it belongs. This helps you save on energy bills—you don’t have to crank the heat to fight off pesky drafts.

But how do you choose a replacement door, and where do you start? Let’s take a look at a few of the options:

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are durable and feature an insulated core that keeps cold temperatures out. Their durability and stability makes any entrance more secure. Enamel finishes are also available, adding an extra layer of weather-resistance by providing added rust proofing.

Fiberglass Composite Doors

Fiberglass composite doors are a resilient, low-maintenance option, ideal for Ottawa’s extreme temperatures. Insulated with polyurethane foam, and in some cases a thermal break, fiberglass composite doors also feature weather-resistant glazing, an excellent way to keep moisture out of the home.

Plus, these doors combine the best of both wood doors and fiberglass features—a great pairing!

Steel Doors

It’s tough to beat a steel door’s strength and durability. Steel doors are:[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#EC3826″]

  • The strongest material available.
  • Available with many insulation options, including high-density foam and thermal breaks.
  • An extremely secure option.[/su_list]

Steel doors don’t crack or warp from extreme temperatures, making them great doors for Ottawa’s long winters. For a solid door that offers amazing security and will stand up to the elements, you can’t go wrong with steel.

Wood Doors

These days, most wood doors are manufactured to prevent warping by reducing their ability to expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Here’s how: [su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#EC3826″]

  • Insulated cores keep out cold and add to overall durability.
  • Weather-resistant finishes protect from rain, snow, and humidity, preventing moisture absorption and swelling.
  • Hybrid options are available to add even more durability.[/su_list]

For the best replacement doors to withstand the cold Ottawa winters, look for those with an Energy Star rating. Energy Star ratings ensure that your replacement door is energy efficient, keeping your home warmer in even the coldest weather.

If you decide to get a door with windows, look for windows with low-e (low emissivity) glass. Low-e glass is also energy-efficient because it emits less heat from inside the home. There is also low-e glazing that secures the glass from potential break-ins.

Show cold weather the door this year, and invest in replacement doors in Ottawa before the snow falls.

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