Is it Time for Window Replacement?

Know How to Spot these Signs that You Need Replacement Windows

The windows in your home provide light, a view, and help maintain temperatures indoors. Well-placed and well-maintained windows can give a boost to your heating and cooling without touching your thermostat. But do you know when it’s time for window replacement? Here are a number of ways that you can quickly determine if your windows require replacement:

Rot or Damage

A sure sign that your windows require replacement is the presence of any visible rot or damage to the frame or glass. Mold and mildew buildup breaks down wooden frames, and is a sign that moisture and air are getting through.

Visibility and Clarity

Have you noticed condensation or fog build on your windows? This is another sign that moisture is finding a way into your home. If you have double- or triple-glazed windows and see buildup between the panes, this means their seal is broken and they are no longer effective at keeping cold air and moisture out of your home. If left unchecked, this moisture will eventually cause rot and damage your window frame. In winter you may even notice ice buildup, which means it’s time to replace your windows and keep your home warm!


How is the temperature near your windows? Is there is a noticeable draft, or is the area near the window colder than the rest of your home? This is a definite sign that you need replacement windows. Although weather sealing or even repairs can help reduce the impact of a draft, it’s best for you to consider what you’ll save on your energy bill in the long run. Window replacement can reduce your energy bill by keeping cold weather out during winter and air conditioning in during summer.

Construction and Operation

Check to see if your windows are single-, double-, or triple-glazed. It might be difficult to tell at first glance, but if you look at the window at an angle you will be able to determine if there are one, two, or three panes of glass. Single-glazed windows are less efficient at temperature regulation than double- or triple-glazed windows. If you have older windows, you may have to consider how window replacement will greatly increase the comfort of your home. Additionally, if you have problems operating your windows, such as difficulty opening and closing or even cleaning them, it could be the time to replace them.

Window replacement can save you money on your next energy bill, boost the aesthetic value of your home, and create better clarity in what you see around you. If your windows have seen better days, consider investing in new ones.

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