Tips For Secure Replacement Doors

Improve Home Security With These Replacement Door Suggestions

Exterior doors are the most common way to enter a home during a home invasion. Doors can be kicked in, pried open, or easily unlocked through a smashed window. If your exterior doors are not secure, you should consider installing replacement doors to keep your home and family safe. Regardless of where you live, the risk of burglary always exists. Door replacement experts serve many areas, including Cornwall. So, if you are concerned about the security of your home, consider the following tips when you are replacing your doors:

Solid Doors

To prevent your door from being kicked in, choose a door made from a solid material, like hard wood or steel. Solid wood cores and reinforced steel are the strongest options for secure doors. Some people choose to have their doors swing outward, which makes it impossible for the door to be kicked in. In that case, the door hinges will be exposed—which are easy to dismantle in a home invasion—so make sure to install security door hinges.


The most secure doors are windowless. Windows near the door’s locks provide easy access for intruders. However, there are reinforced glass windows that are difficult to break, especially if they have metal reinforcement. If you must have a door with a window, get reinforced windows for added security.


Always secure frames and door jambs. Door frames can be easily broken, or pried open with a crowbar. Secure your door frame to the wall with screws when installing your replacement doors. You can also reinforce door jambs with steel to prevent the door from being kicked in.


Make sure to install deadbolt locks on your exterior doors. Locks with an ANSI Grade 1 are the most secure. Installing secure deadbolt strike plates is also important—they are the metal plates in door frames where deadbolts lock into place. For added security, a dead-lock can be installed. This type of lock only locks from the inside, providing more security while you are at home. Lastly, cylinder guards around lock cylinders prevent burglars from breaking or prying them off.

Sliding Doors

As with windows on doors, sliding doors should have reinforced glass. Adding a doorstop—such as a metal or wooden rod—to the bottom door track will prevent burglars from opening sliding doors.

Whether you live in the suburbs, city core, or a small city like Cornwall, doors need to be secure to protect your family and your home. Replacement door specialists can provide you with the strongest, securest doors so you don’t have to worry.

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