Triple-Glazed Windows for Summer?

How Triple-Glazed Windows Deliver Benefits All Year Long

Commonly used in countries with a cold climate, triple-glazed windows are known to improve efficiency by keeping the heat from seeping out of your space in cold weather. With a U-value that is generally no higher than 1.6, triple-glazed windows and framing insulation improve your energy efficiency, with an approximately 20 to 30 per cent improvement in the window’s Energy Star® rating. Despite this, cold weather is not experienced consistently all across Canada, which may make the extra cost of triple-glazing less appealing. However, the benefits of choosing a triple-glazed window last beyond the cold season. Here are a few examples of the less commonly-referred:

Reduced Noise

Triple-glazed windows do not allow as much sound to travel through them, making them one of the quietest window options. With an extra layer of glass between you and your noisy surroundings, you can increase the enjoyment of a room by reducing the amount of ambient sound that travels into it. This is especially useful if your house or office is near a busy intersection, or if you live in an urban area permeated by the constant sound of construction.

Increased Durability

When using a triple-glazed panes fibreglass frame, your windows become more durable. This also contributes to the soundproofing benefits. The extra layer of glass makes the structure less penetrable, increasing the safety of your windows; and the heavy weight of triple glazing makes your windows stronger and last longer, especially in harsh conditions.

Benefits in Warmer Weather

Energy Star® windows do not simply increase the efficiency of your heating system, but your air conditioning as well. A window that is designed for optimum thermal comfort is ideal, especially in places that experience temperatures which are significantly high or low, or extremely varied. With triple-glazed windows, your temperature is more consistent inside with a low U-value that reduces unwanted solar heat gain coming in through your window.

In addition, by updating your windows you can also ensure there are no gaps or holes that are allowing unwanted drafts into your space while at the same time increasing your home or building’s Energy Star® rating. Over time, it is common for gaps to grow, reducing the efficiency and comfort of your home. By updating your windows, you can enhance the experience and comfort of your space.

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