What Are Architectural Windows and Doors?

A Look at The Meaning Behind the Name and the Benefits of Architectural Windows and Doors

If you’ve ever come across window and door products labeled “architectural”, but you’re not sure what that means, you are not alone. The definition of architectural windows and doors can seem pretty vague at times, especially for those who are new to window and door shopping. Simply put, architectural windows and doors are custom designed to match the architectural style of a home. These styles are especially important for homes with unique architecture, such as a contemporary style or a historic architectural style—i.e. from the 19th century. Most home owners who opt for architectural windows and doors want to preserve the architectural integrity of their homes while having quality windows and doors installed.

Authentic Design

Architectural windows and doors come in a variety of styles that are accurate recreations of traditional window and door designs for various architecture types. These are ideal for heritage buildings, older homes, and contemporary architectural styles. Architectural windows and doors are custom designed with various shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, and materials—including solid wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and a combination of materials.

Modern Quality

Although these products may be designed to suit the style of an older home, they are made with quality modern materials for top energy performance. Conserving energy and lowering energy costs are priorities for homeowners and some of the top reasons for installing new windows and doors. Energy-efficient frames, glass, and materials are used to create both standard windows and doors today, as well as architectural styles. Even if your home is an older model, installing new windows and doors can help keep it well insulated without sacrificing the architectural integrity of your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

By maintaining the architectural style of a home or building with these windows and doors, buildings will be aesthetically pleasing, boosting curb appeal. It would be a shame to put standard windows on a heritage building since it would take away from the building’s authentic architectural style, just as it would be strange to install architectural windows designed for a heritage building on a contemporary home.

Whatever your home or building’s architectural style is, you can match it with new custom-designed windows and doors. Preserve the architectural integrity of your home with these authentic styles and designs while improving your home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.

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