What Your Front Door Says About You

How Your Front Door Design Affects the Outside World’s Perception of You and Your Home

As the focal point of your home, your door, and how you choose to design it, says a lot about you. From style to features and colours, there’s a lot that goes into choosing a final product that reflects who you are and what your home is all about.

To give you an idea of what front door designs say about you and your home, here’s a look at the different door styles, features, and colours available.

Door Styles

With so many door styles to choose from, you should opt for one that you adore, but that will also suit your home’s architectural style.


Modern front door designs are minimalistic in style and feature straight, sleek lines. These doors often have raised block or square panels, or panes of frosted or translucent glass. Modern doors are also often large with hardware featuring the same minimalistic clean lines.


Rustic doors evoke an old-world look and feel. These doors are usually made of thick wood and are often found on homes and cabins with brick, stone, or wood exteriors.

Rustic doors are either arched or traditional rectangles. And they tend to have scored lines, raised panels, clear glass, and oversized hardware, such as straps and clavos (circular iron pegs).

Some rustic doors have a small window of glass that can open, which is called a speakeasy.


Craftsman-style doors are typically made from wood or fiberglass. These doors have rectangular windows at the top, a shelf underneath the windows with dental molding, and two or three raised rectangular panels below the windows and shelf.

The windows could be clear, privacy, or decorative stained glass with wood or black outlines. Craftsman doors may also have a large glass insert for a better view of the outdoors.

Craftsman-style doors are popular on many types of homes, including luxury cottages and mountain retreats.

Features That Add to Your Home’s Personality

You add features to make the front door unique to you and your home. Whether you opt for a front door and window design, or a windowless door, here are some design options to add personality to your home.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is a popular choice to spruce up the front of your home and add architectural style. Decorative glass panels come in a choice of colours and a variety of shapes, such as ovals, half-moons, diamonds, and rectangles.

With the hundreds of design options to choose from, there are decorative glass options to suit any home.


Wrought Iron Glass

Wrought iron glass is another way to enhance the appearance of your front door. These doors are made of wood, steel, or fiberglass and have a large glass panel insert.

The glass panel will have decorative wrought iron sealed between the glass. Or, with some doors, the glass panel can open to the wrought iron.

Doors without Glass

You don’t need a door with glass to add personality to your home. Many doors are decorative without glass, such as the six-panel door. There are also added benefits to doors without glass—they are more secure and energy-efficient.



Arched doors add eye-catching charm and architectural style to a home. Traditional, craftsman, and rustic doors can be custom designed with a curved arch to fit your home.

What Your Choice of Door Colour Reveals About You

Colour is one of the most important aspects of your outer door design. The colour of your door welcomes you home every day, and it also gives the outside world a hint into your personality.

So take pride in the colour of your front door, and choose a colour that speaks most to you.

Here’s a look at what different colour doors say about your personality.


Since a red door is welcoming, it says that you are hospitable, energetic, bold, confident, and full of life. Brighter reds say you are passionate, exciting, and vibrant, whereas darker reds mean you are warm and inviting.

Dark Blue

Dark blue doors say that you are a calm, grounded, and peaceful person. Royal blue says you are positive and prosperous. And navy-blue doors are said to be most likely chosen by intelligent people.

Light Blue

Light blues evoke friendliness and sincerity, saying that you are fun, vibrant, hopeful, and positive. A light blue door makes your home feel like a place where people belong and can come to for advice and a good laugh.


An orange door says you are vibrant, exciting, and welcoming with a warm heart. Orange also says you enjoy entertaining and taking on new challenges.


Yellow represents mental clarity and understanding. And while yellow front doors are rare, if you have one, you are said to be wise, fun-loving, humorous, confident, curious, and understanding.


Green elicits a sense of health, peace, balance, growth, and renewal. You might have a green thumb with a laidback, easy-going, and compassionate personality. And you might care about friends and family more than anything or anyone else.

Bolder, brighter greens say you are living an exciting, vibrant life.


Brown is a natural, organic colour. A brown door says that you are warm, reliable, practical, and stable, and you love nature. Brown also says that you are grounded and private and that you enjoy a quiet home life.


Black is the colour of strength and authority, but it is also sleek, modern, trendy, and timeless, with a hint of mystery. A black door says that you are confident, strong-willed, sophisticated, and authoritative.


Since white is the colour of purity and neutrality, a white door says that you are clean, sincere, organized, simple, and follow a minimalist lifestyle.

Even if you don’t agree with what the colour of your door says about you, be sure to choose a colour you love, and that will complement your new house door design.

Since you and your friends, family, and neighbours have to look at your front door regularly, choose a front door design that suits you and your home so you feel proud to show it off.

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