When to Consider Replacement Doors and Windows

Nothing can last forever. Physical wear and tear and exposure to the elements damages the materials we use to build our homes and other buildings, meaning that things need to be repaired and replaced. Every summer you see roofers shingling roofs after the snow has gone, people stripping and refinishing patios, and even getting door and windows replacement. This is because keeping our homes in strong, working order takes love and care. It is an ongoing effort and it is part of what makes a house a home rather than just a place to live.

If you’ve bought an older house recently, or you have lived in your current house for many years, then there’s a chance that you’ve got a lengthy, ongoing to-do list, and you’re shuffling priorities all the time in an effort to get through it all. Changing out old windows and installing replacement doors may not be high on your list, but old and worn-down windows and doors can actually be a safety concern, especially if you have a family.

If your house was built is the early 20th century or before, it probably has a few old-fashioned hung windows that are in heavy, wooden frames. Their weight makes them a pain to open, and decades of being opened and closed have likely worn out the frames. Getting windows replacement service won’t just be a matter of convenience, but could prevent a heavy frame coming down hard on your fingers, or worse, on your children’s fingers.

Another good reason to look into windows replacement is if you have horizontal sliders or casement windows that don’t close properly. Windows that can be easily opened from the outside create an obvious risk of burglary or home invasions, even with the benefit of a security system. And windows that don’t stay shut, especially on second or third storeys, can be risky for adults and children alike. And while you’re looking into windows replacement, you can add extra benefits by considering more energy efficient window options, to reduce your energy use while making your home safer.

Replacement doors are also useful to look in to. Over the years, wood swells and shrinks with the hot and cold temperatures, and can sometimes warp beyond repair. This means that some doors will no longer fit into their frames the way they were designed to. This can make opening and closing them difficult and create drafts in the cold winter months. A replacement door can prevent everything from drafts to accidentally slamming it on your finger when you’re struggling to open and close it.

Talk to your window and door specialist to find out if replacing your windows and doors can benefit you!

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