Windows Ottawa Homeowners Can Trust To Stay Warm

How High-Performance Windows Stand Up To Cold Winter Weather And Keep The Cold Out

Winter has arrived in Ottawa, and although it is usually a drag, we know how to stay warm during this long, cold season. We bundle up in warm clothing, turn on the heat, and sip on hot drinks to stay warm. We also rely on the proper insulation of our homes, and we definitely notice chilly drafts. The main cause of drafty Ottawa windows is all too often poor insulation.

Too often, people stick to window kits—sheets of plastic sealed over a window—to deal with drafts. But a sheet of plastic is just a temporary solution; on the coldest winter days, plastic sheets won’t keep the freezing air out.

You might think you’ve saved money by avoiding repairs or replacement, but what you saved in one-time expenses you’ll spend in heating bills.

To avoid suffering through the cold winter, Ottawa window companies offer a selection of energy-efficient windows that are made with the latest energy performance designs. By replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient windows, you will keep your home noticeably warmer, especially during the coldest weeks of the year.

Here are the latest energy-efficient window features you will find for high energy performance windows in Ottawa:

Triple-Glazed Windows

If you have single-pane windows in your home, a large amount of heat will escape during the winter. Double-pane windows offer better insulation thanks to an extra layer of glass. These days, however, the best energy performance is found in triple-glazed windows with three panes of glass for even more insulation and reduced condensation. The space between the panes is also filled with non-toxic gas (such as argon) to further improve insulation.

Low-E Glass

Low-E (emissivity) glass is coated with a film that reduces the amount of heat emitted from the windows. This added insulation prevents heat from escaping in the winter. In the summer, low-e glass blocks heat from the sun so your home won’t be overheated.

Energy Star Rating

Energy efficient Ottawa windows have Energy Star ratings that ensure these windows meet energy performance standards and are environmentally friendly. With Energy Star windows, you will reduce your energy consumption in the winter because you won’t lose heat from your windows. Windows rated with lower U values will lose heat less rapidly than windows with higher U values. The R value refers to the window’s resistance to heat conduction, so also look for windows with higher R values.

While replacing worn-out windows can be an investment, you’ll recover those costs thanks to savings on your energy bills. Instead of freezing all winter and paying high energy bills, do yourself a favour by keeping your home warm with high-performance windows in Ottawa.

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