4 Great Types of Energy-Efficient Windows

Whether It’s Hung, Slider, Casement, or Awning, You’ll Always Find the Right Energy Star Window for Your Home

When you go out shopping for new windows, your needs are simple: you want something modern, you want something long-lasting, and you want quality. You’ve heard all about the wonders of modern-day energy-efficient windows and how they can reduce your ecological footprint while saving you money on your monthly energy bills, and you want to experience this for yourself. So when you’re suddenly beset with more options than you were counting on, it can get a little overwhelming—should you choose hung, slider, casement, or awning windows? Well, each one is perfect for a different use!

Hung Windows

The single-hung window is something you likely saw a million times growing up, and today’s Energy Star windows are available in the more convenient double-hung configuration—two sashes that move vertically, allowing you to open it as you please. Perfect for tall, narrow windows, these are ideal for creating a cross breeze, or for children’s bedrooms since you can open them at the top, out of the reach of curious hands.

Slider Windows

The slider is the hung window’s horizontal cousin. Popular in apartment buildings, these are preferred in windows that are wider than they are tall. When it comes to an unobstructed view, very little beats a slider, since they can fit into wider frames more practically than any other type of window. Both hung and slider windows are easy to clean from the inside since the sashes can be removed and reinserted at will.

Casement Windows

The crank-operated equivalent to a hung window, casement windows are tall, narrow windows that swing out horizontally. They’re perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, and are incredibly energy-efficient windows—when opened, the angle the window creates against the house naturally guides cool air into the home so you can turn down your air conditioning and enjoy a natural breeze.

Awning Windows

Carried wherever quality Energy Star windows are sold, awning windows are to casements as sliders are to hung windows. While their weight prevents them from attaining the same width a slider can, the relative ease with which their operated make them preferred for the spot right above the kitchen sink (you know the one we’re talking about). Like casements, they’re easier to clean if you put them on the first floor, but you also have to be careful about foot traffic outside your home—an open window and a lack of attention are the perfect recipe for a bump on the head!

When choosing the right energy-efficient windows for your home, think about which room they will be in, how they will be used, what size you need, and any other requirements you may have. There’s a perfect window for each room, so choose wisely! You can find all of these great choices wherever Energy Star windows are sold.

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