4 Signs it’s Time for Replacement Doors

Do You Need New Doors in Ottawa? Here’s How to Know When

The doorway to your home is where you welcome family and friends into hospitality and care. The front door reflects the aesthetic value of your home while also providing safety and security. Your door keeps Ottawa’s infamous winter from intruding, keeping you warm and your energy bill low. So, how do you know when you need replacement doors? Here are four signs to look out for.

Open and Close

Take a moment to open and close your door. Is it a smooth process, or does it get stuck? Do you find yourself yanking to get it open or pushing and shoving to close it again? Over time, a door’s material can become warped or damaged due to repeated use or even extreme weather conditions. Your door, in Ottawa’s humid weather, can absorb moisture that can alter its structure. This warping makes it difficult to open and close, causing undue strain from pushing or pulling as you attempt to properly seal your home from outside elements. Warping also usually leads to drafts, and in turn to higher energy bills and an uncomfortable living space.

How Does It Look?

take a close look at the door itself. What type of damage do you see? Cracks, dents, splintering, and any other major damage weakens the overall integrity of your door. Also, this visual damage makes your entryway look worn, robbing it of its visual appeal. Although minor damage calls for little more than a new coat of paint to freshen its look, structural damage builds up over time, compromising the structure. Replacement doors will not only refresh the look aesthetic value of your doorway, but strengthen it as well.

More than Just the Door

Remember that there are more parts to your entryway than just the door itself. The threshold, door jamb, and frame all work together to make your doorway efficient and secure. Much like the door itself, if you notice that any of these parts are damaged, warped, cracked, or splintering, it may be a good sign that you need repair or replacement.

Lock and Key

It’s understandable that if you are experiencing problems with your lock, that you would consider replacing only this portion of the door. However, problems with the lock could be a sign of a larger issue. Even if you do replace only the lock, it’s important to note that this procedure can weaken the integrity of your door’s structure if you’ve experienced a break in. A full replacement will give you peace of mind for your family and belongings.

When properly maintained, your doors can provide decades of reliability. When you start to notice problems, put your safety and comfort first. Don’t hesitate to get a replacement door.

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