5 Common Window Repair Issues

Ottawa Window Companies Discuss Common Issues Many Windows Face

Windows are the eyes of your home. They help you see outside to the weather, neighborhood, family, and friends around you, while also accenting the style of your home from the outside. Your home windows also provide temperature regulation by allowing cool air in and hot air out or warming up a cold winter room with afternoon sun. Windows companies in Ottawa know that you need your windows to work right every time. You can continue to keep cold Ottawa weather out with window repair, maintaining your windows to reduce the likelihood of replacing them. There are different types of windows issues that require repair or maintenance:

Stuck Windows

Often, wooden-framed windows experience the most problems due to wood’s sensitivity to moisture levels. A window that is difficult to open or close due to friction or sticking may require some maintenance to create a smooth, operable experience. You can try to run some candle wax along the sash to minimize friction. However, if the wood has swelled over time, it can be shaved down to create a smooth fit.

Broken Pane

A single broken pane does not necessarily mean the entire window needs to be replaced, particularly when only the glass was damaged. After carefully removing loose glass, tape up the pieces of glass that still remain the frame. This will help you or the repair specialist safely remove the glass from the sash to be replaced with a new pane.

Wooden Frame Repair

The biggest problem with wooden frames is the potential for rot. Ottawa window repair experts know that once the wood has started to rot, it’s usually time to replace the entire window. However, if there’s only a single area that is rotten, that portion can be removed and repaired instead of having to replace the entire fixture. Window frames may also experience loose joints and rattling panes over time. Loose sections can be tightened to retain their integrity.

Adjusting Fixtures

Handles and latches can become loose over time. These can easily be adjusted with a screwdriver. If a latch is broken and no longer maintains the security of your window, a replacement latch can be installed.

Maintaining Vinyl Windows

Although vinyl windows are low-maintenance, they can still use regular upkeep to keep them working like new. Latches and hinges will benefit from regular lubrication to avoid stiffness. Also, be sure to keep vinyl windows clean with warm water and a soft cloth to wipe them down.

With a little maintenance and repair Ottawa windows companies know that you can enjoy your windows for years to come. A broken window doesn’t always mean replacement. Sometimes a bit of repair is all you need.

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