The Future: ENERGY STAR Windows

Why Home Owners Are Installing Triple Glazed Windows

Your home is the largest investment you will make, but with global warming and depleting resources, homeowners are also trying to reduce their carbon footprint any way they can. That’s why there has been a steady increase in the ENERGY STAR windows being installed across Canada. Here we answer some common questions about the ENERGY STAR rating and windows:


In Canada, the ENERGY STAR initiative is a partnership between manufacturers, retailers, and National Resources Canada to make high-efficiency products available to the public. Manufacturers are responsible for following the guidelines and getting their products certified by an independent agency. Retailers then stock and promote ENERGY STAR windows, and help customers to make informed decisions. National Resource Canada offers a searchable product list of certified products to help homeowners pick the best fit for their home.

Why are consumers buying ENERGY STAR windows?

Homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious with their purchases. Reducing the carbon footprint of your home will save you money on monthly bills, and protect the environment. High-efficiency windows allow homeowners to keep a draft-free, comfortable, and affordable home all year round.

What is an energy rating?

The energy rating is a single number between 1 (lowest efficiency) and 50 (highest efficiency). At though it is possible to have numbers below zero and above 50 this is the typical range that products fall into. The number is designed to rank products in heating-dominated climates and for windows and doors installed in residential buildings. This is an easy way for homeowners to see the efficiency of a product and easily compare products.

What are double and triple glazed windows?

The glass used in windows can be coated and insulated to minimize heat transfer. Double and triple glazed windows offer the best thermal protection for your home. Glazed windows refer to the panes of glass in the frame. Double glazed windows are most commonly found in homes but triple glazed window technology is quickly becoming a favorite with homeowners. Triple glazed windows offer a third pane of glass to protect and insulate your home giving them the highest energy efficiency rating.

With affordability and cost savings associated with high-efficiency windows, it’s no wonder that homeowners are looking for ENERGY STAR windows for their home. The ENERGY STAR program and energy ratings make it easier than ever to find the right windows for your home.

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