Choosing the Best Doors in Ottawa

Whether They’re Front Doors or Patio Doors, Ottawa Homeowners Have Plenty of Choices

When choosing to install new doors, Ottawa homeowners have a lot to consider. There are the aesthetic considerations—what style of door? Colour? Any special touches to add? There are the functional considerations like energy efficiency and material choice. And of course, are you installing a front door, or patio doors? Ottawa has plenty of variety to offer, and making the best choice for your home is simply a matter of knowing what’s available, and how it can benefit you. Let’s take a look at some of your options:

The Great Debate: Wood vs. Steel

There are, of course, many different materials your doors in Ottawa could be made from. There’s vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and more. But the two most popular styles are wood and steel—both for good reasons. Wood, of course, is a classic, and gives a timeless feel to any home. However, wood is very expensive, can warp under extreme weather conditions, and can become draftier than other materials. A steel door, on the other hand, is less expensive, and requires less maintenance. Steel doors are also more energy-efficient, and stand up better against the elements. They are, however, prone to rust if proper care is not taken to maintain them. When choosing the materials for your doors, you can weigh the benefits and downsides of each to make the best choice for your home’s needs.

A Matter of Style

When it comes to the front door, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional single door, tall and proud—but remember that it’s not your only option. If you have the space, why not consider French doors, or even an entirely custom-made entranceway? It’s a great way to add curb appeal and give your guests a unique welcome. When having doors in Ottawa custom-made, you can feel free to add details such as stained-glass windows, architectural frames, or whatever you think makes your entranceway really shine.
For patio doors, Ottawa homeowners have even more choices when it comes to style. Do you want a traditional hinged door, or a beautiful glass sliding door that lets in the sun and gives you a beautiful view? Some people even opt to replace a whole wall or portion of a wall with an accordion-style patio door: when shut, it resembles floor-to-ceiling windows. From there, it can be opened fully or partially—depending on how big of an opening you feel like creating between your home and your backyard. Perfect for parties and family get-togethers where people are constantly flowing between the house and the yard.

Picking the perfect front doors and patio doors in Ottawa doesn’t have to be a headache. By considering benefits, aesthetics, and value, finding the perfect fit for your home should be a breeze!

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