3 Key Features of Triple-Glazed Windows

With the Right Windows, Ottawa Homeowners Can Increase Their Home’s Value

Many homes built in the 1980s or earlier were built with wooden window frames and often had only one window pane. Many homes had a “storm window” in the winter to replace the screens used during the summer. Although wood adds a special charm to the way a house looks, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a comfortable room temperature. With the changing seasons and temperatures, wooden frames tend to contract in the frigid air and swell in the humidity and heat, causing them to warp. Thanks to studies and improvements in the designs of windows, Ottawa homes can withstand the cold these days with double glazed windows, and more recently, triple-glazed windows. Here are three important aspects of the latter that you should know about:

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum window frames are a popular choice for architects, designers, and contractors. They are durable and nice to look at. They function as a thermal barrier and only let a minimal amount of energy pass through them. Additionally, aluminum frames are low maintenance and have a slim profile. You can get great results with aluminum triple-glazed windows because of the combination of functionality and slim look that they give your windows. Additionally, these types of windows are energy-efficient and help reduce wasted energy consumption.

Reduced Energy Transfer

The argon gas that is placed between the windowpanes is inert. This means that no heat or cold energy can pass through it. Another aspect of argon gas is that it improves the soundproof characteristics of the window. What is great about this is that your manufacturer of windows in Ottawa can install argon-filled windows in a variety of sizes, from smaller models to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sealing Triple-glazed Windows

Window panes can vary from 3 mm to 10 mm in thickness. The way the windows are sealed in will make a big difference in keeping cold air outside where it belongs. Spacers between the windowpanes must be properly installed to keep the cold air out. Today these spacers are made of aluminum. A compound sealant is used to preserve the airtightness of the three window panes, and keeps the argon inside the frame and spacers. This contributes to the overall strength of triple-glazed windows. To increase the value of your home and reduce energy expenditures, talk to your manufacturer of windows in Ottawa today!

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