Design Tips to Help You Style Around Your Windows

Home Décor Ideas for both Traditional and the Latest Window Designs

Whether you want to optimize your space by designing around your window or you want to make it a focal point in the room, there are design tips available to help you make the most of the windows in your home.

From classic to the latest window designs, here are tips to help you style around your windows.

What’s the Purpose of Your Window?

When designing new windows or around existing windows, keep their purpose in mind. Ask yourself, “What is the main function of this window?” It could provide plenty of natural light, ventilation, and an excellent view of the outdoors.

It may be in a room where you want additional privacy, such as a bathroom or bedroom. Or it can be the focal point of the room, such as in your living room.

Things to Consider

When choosing designs to dress up your windows, take inspiration from the outside views and your interior décor. Your window designs can be as unique as your home.

You have many design options to choose from for the following window elements:

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  • Drapes,
  • Rods,
  • Curtains,
  • Materials,
  • Blinds,
  • Shutters,
  • Window paint colours.


Types of Window Treatments

If you’re wondering how to choose curtains for your living room, it all depends on the type of windows you have and their purpose. You may even wish to leave your windows bare for a better view of your windows and a minimalist style.

Consider framing large windows with drapes for an elegant, dramatic appearance. And for oddly-shaped windows, arrange the drapes so they accentuate the unique design.

The following are window treatments styles—from traditional to modern curtain designs—that will add style to your windows and home:

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  • Tab heading—curtains with tabs (loops) at the top;
  • Valances—mini curtains to cover only the top of a window;
  • Smocked heading—diamond-shaped ornamental curtain heading;
  • Scalloped heading—scallops between the tabs or eyelets;
  • Pencil pleats—small pleats along the top of the curtain;
  • Pelmet—an upholstered board above the window;
  • Lambrequin—a highly-decorated pelmet with elongated sides—from the Renaissance period;
  • London blinds—formal-looking fabric blinds that can be pulled up and down with a cord;
  • Austrian blinds—a mix between Roman and Festoon blinds.


Put Clear Shelving in Front of Window

One useful way to attract eyes to your window is by hanging clear shelves in front. Clear shelves provide extra storage space and also make windows a focal point in a room.

For kitchen windows, consider clear shelving to hold dishes. And for other rooms, use shelving to hold decorations, plants, or art.

And if you don’t want shelves in front of your windows, consider shelving above your windows to place eye-catching décor.

Use Hanging Plants or A Windowsill Garden

Hanging planters on either the inside or outside of your windows will certainly draw attention to your windows. Consider planting tall and colourful flowers, or grow your own herb garden.

Bold Print Curtains

If you’re planning to hang curtains on your windows, why not add some flair? To make your windows really pop out, dress them with bold print curtains in a room with a neutral palette. Bright and bold curtains will bring the room together.

Rod Placement

If you’re looking for small window dressing ideas, this tip is for you. To make your windows look larger than they actually are, hang your curtain rods high and wide. You can expand the width of curtain rods using extending double rods that extend three to six inches past the window frame on each side.

And for added height, mount your curtain rods four to six inches above the frame or halfway between the frame and the ceiling. Along with making your windows appear larger, this rod placement will also allow more natural light into your home without the curtains being in the way.

Furniture Placement

Another way to draw attention to your windows is with furniture arrangements. Place furniture around the window, so the window is centered in the arrangement.  Place low furniture in front, so it still draws the eye to the window without blocking the view.

You can also place furniture beside the window or angled toward the window, so you can sit down and enjoy the view. And if you have an eye-catching piece of furniture that stands out from the rest of the room, consider placing the furniture in front and centre of your focal window to draw attention to both the furniture and the view of the outdoors.

You may also wish to leave the space near your windows free for easy access to stand by the window and peer out.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

A common furniture-arrangement mistake is pushing large furniture up against a window and blocking part of the window.

You should aim to leave an empty buffer zone between windows and large, bulky furniture such as beds and couches that will block the majority of the window. But don’t be shy to use this space as well, such as with smaller furniture that won’t block the window. There’s a fine line between blocking windows and maximizing space.

New Window/Replacement

One of the best ways to improve the look of your windows is by installing new, bigger, brighter windows in your home. New windows will refresh your space and bring more natural light into your home. From picture windows to bow or bay windows, there are many options to spruce up your windows, home, and space. Contact the window replacement professionals to see what window styles are best for your home.

Choose Windows That Match Your Home’s Unique Style

You can custom design your windows to suit the design of your home and the rooms while opening up the room and making the most of the space and natural light available.

When choosing new windows, make sure they match your home’s architectural style and general theme—e.g., for a classic look, consider casement windows. And for a modern style, you may wish to have all-glass windows or simple interior window trim. Also, make sure the window paint colours work well with both the interior and exterior décor of your home.

For more advice on choosing the best window styles for your home, contact your local window professionals.

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