Energy Efficient Windows Benefit the Environment – And You

Beyond Saving On Bills, These Windows Offer a Wealth of Benefits for You And Your Home

You may know that energy efficient windows and doors lower your carbon footprint or that they result in lower energy bills—but how do they really benefit you and your home?

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, browsing the various types of energy-efficient windows is a good place to start. For example, triple-glazed windows will significantly improve your home’s comfort and reduce your energy consumption.

For more details, let’s take a look at what makes windows and doors energy-efficient and the many benefits you can experience form upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors.

What Is an Energy Efficient Window?

Energy efficient windows are designed to keep cold air out and warm air in during winter, and vice versa during summer. These windows have high-quality frames that reduce heat transfer, and edge spacers with multiple panes, such as double-glazed or triple-glazed windows, filled with argon gas between panes for added insulation. Their glass also has Low-E (emissivity) coatings to reflect heat from the sun and heat from inside.

Energy Star windows and doors have ratings based on the amount of solar heat gain (U factor) and thermal reflection (R-value). These products are certified for energy efficiency in different climates. Generally, products with low U factors and high R-values are the most energy efficient since they prevent solar heat from entering the home and provide better insulation.

What Are Low-E Windows?

Low-E windows have low emissivity. In other words, unlike regular glass, these windows block heat from transferring through glass using a special Low-E coating. When Low-E coatings are on exterior window panes, Low-E windows reflect the sun’s UV light and infrared light (heat energy), so sunlight won’t overheat or fade the interior of homes.

When this coating is on the interior window panes, the heat from inside the home is reflected into the home instead of being lost through your windows.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Better Insulation

Energy efficient windows and doors act as strong barriers against the outdoor elements. Their insulating qualities reduce hot and cold spots in rooms and help keep your home more comfortable year-round. This extra insulation provides a number of significant benefits to homeowners.

Maintain Temperature inside Your Home

Well-insulated and sealed windows and doors prevent air leaks. So you won’t have cold drafts making your home chilly in winter. And you won’t have to worry about muggy heat entering your home in summer.

Low-E windows also reflect heat back into the home in winter and keep the sun’s heat out in summer. This insulation helps maintain indoor air temperatures year-round, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, and reducing the demand on your home heating and cooling systems.

Better For the Environment (Energy Savings)

Reducing your demand on your furnace, heaters, and air conditioner means you’ll use less energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Lowering your energy consumption is beneficial for the environment since you’ll place less of a demand on the energy grid, use less fuel, and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Lower Costs on Bills

Besides being better for the environment, saving energy with Energy Star-certified windows, doors, and skylights allows you to save on your energy bills. Winter and summer are usually the worst times for high energy bills, especially for homes with outdated windows and doors.

You’ll spend more money heating and cooling your home if you’re having trouble maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. So give your home HVAC system and your wallet a break. The average cost savings for homes with harsh winters is 11 to 24 percent. And 7 to 31 percent for homes that require plenty of cooling.

Protect Items in Your Home

If the sun’s UV rays can easily enter your home through your windows, these rays can be just as harmful to you and your belongings inside your home as it would be outside. Along with posing a risk for skin cancer, sunlight can also fade materials, such as artwork, wood, carpets, rugs, furniture, and fabrics, such as curtains.

But low-E coatings on window glass can reduce UV rays by 75 to 98 percent.

Noise Reduction

The added insulation and seal of energy-efficient windows and doors also help make homes more soundproof. Instead of hearing disruptive outside noises—such as cars, trucks, buses, snowplows, railroads, construction, and sirens—the added insulation will muffle and reduce the sound for peace and quiet in your home.

Reduce Condensation and Frosting

Poorly insulated windows will experience frost and condensation on the interior panes when the temperature drops outside. This moisture can damage window frames and cause mould growth, which is harmful to breathe in. Frost and condensation buildup can also make a room feel cold and damp.

But with better insulation and Low-E coatings that repel condensation, energy-efficient windows won’t experience as much frost and condensation buildup, keeping your windows and air quality in better condition for longer.

Improved Lighting & Views

Energy Star windows block the sun’s heat and UV rays. This means you can open your curtains on sunny days without worry of overheating or damaging the interior of your home. And in winter, you rest assured knowing your heat is being reflected back into your home. Keep the curtains open when you want!

With your curtains wide open, you can enjoy the views of the outdoors along with the natural light beaming in.

Less Maintenance

High-quality windows and doors require less maintenance because they won’t deteriorate from moisture (condensation) buildup. They’re also better protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Their Low-E coatings also prevent water spots and dirt buildup, which means less time cleaning.

Increase Property Value (Return on Investment through Resale)

Replacing outdated windows and doors with new energy-efficient ones will provide you with a high return on investment (ROI). Not only will you save money each month on your energy bills, but you’ll also increase your home’s value if you ever plan to sell.

Window replacements can give you an ROI of up to 95 percent.

When It’s Time to Replace

If your windows and doors are outdated and drafty, you’re tired of high heating and cooling bills, and you want to make your home more energy-efficient, then it’s time for new energy-efficient door and window installations.

Contact the experts to find out how much triple-glazed windows or energy efficient exterior doors cost. You can even find energy-efficient French doors to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. The many benefits of replacing old windows and doors with new energy efficient windows and doors far outweigh the costs.

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