DIY Door Repairs with the Right Tools

What to Have On-Hand in Case You Need to Repair Your Door in A Pinch

When you rent your living space – more than likely there are maintenance staff available to lend a helping hand if something goes wrong. Owning a home certainly takes some adjusting, and learning a little home-repair know-how can make a huge difference. Having the right tools, and the right knowledge can save you time and money on calling in outside repair services when your home needs simple repairs.
For example, door repairs are a common occurrence; there are many small issues that can come up here and there. Luckily for you, repairs can be as simple as the damage itself, and can be fixed with your own two hands so long as you have the right materials available.

Here’s what you should have around the house in case you need to repair your door in a cinch:

A Chisel/File

A chisel or file comes in handy when your door’s strike plate (the small metal plate that the bolt clicks into to shut) becomes misaligned. For small shifts, all you need to do is file down the strike plate, and the wood behind it. A simple door repair, but it can make a big difference.


The screws in your hinges can become loose due to natural use, causing an irregular swing or grinding against the ground. A few turns with a screwdriver, and the screws and hinge will tighten right back up, fixing the issue. Having one of these around will help with a lot of things, not just door repairs.

Cordless Drill and Screws

If you notice your door hinge screws are still loose, or your door still isn’t fitting right – it probably needs new screws. Loose screws left unattended can wear down the surrounding wood, rendering the old, shorter screws useless. It is important to install screws that are longer than the ones originally used to ensure a snug, proper fit and a cordless drill makes installing them a breeze.


Hammers become quite useful when you need to replace a worn-down door jamb. Using a hammer and a flat pry bar can remove the worn jamb, and a hammer alone will help you get rid of old nails and allow you to hammer in new ones to secure the new door jamb.

Door repairs can be tough because doors are made of many pieces, big and small. This unfortunately allows a wide variety of issues to occur, so it is important to have a stocked tool box that will allow you to fix small issues quickly, without spending money on extra help.

But! If you feel an issue is out of your depth, don’t be afraid to call in a professional. Taking on tasks without the proper knowledge can make the problem worse, creating a bigger (and costlier) issue.

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