Are Doors the True Windows to the Soul?

Move Over, Eyes—Your Valentine’s Doors in Ottawa Might Be Just as Revealing

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching. Dinner reservations are being made, chocolates and flowers are being bought, and some people are getting nervous about going on their first or second dates. Others are planning to stay at home and watch a movie with a bottle of wine and their cats, all behind closed doors in Ottawa. To each their own!

Valentine’s Day is often described as “overrated” and “a day for consumerism.” But for the hopeless romantics out there, it is a day to tell someone you love them, or to try to find true love by going out and meeting new people.

Open The Door To Their Soul

If you have a special Valentine but you aren’t sure about their personality yet, and you can’t tell by their eyes, check out their front doors the next time you’re over. Although eyes are considered the “windows of the soul,” doors can be just as telling.

If their doors are absolutely horrendous, run! Or, if you really like the person, and you want to give them another chance, tell them to consider shopping for new doors in Ottawa. If they are truly invested, they will take your advice. Or they’ll laugh at you. If they do laugh, at least that means they have a good sense of humour and are worth keeping around!

More Tell-Tale Signs From Ottawa Doors

If the door has signs of multiple break-ins, your Valentine:

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  • Is stinkin’ rich, has many valuables worth stealing, and isn’t replacing the door because they have a very generous soul and like helping people out in any way;
  • Lives in a bad neighbourhood but is toughing it out for gentrification because he or she is cool and open-minded; or,
  • Just lives in a bad neighbourhood and is not concerned about it because he or she is laid back, and moving is stressful and not worth it.


If the door is actually a bed sheet or a piece of plywood, your Valentine:

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  • Is probably living in a condemned building and is a “free spirit;” or
  • Has no sense of keeping their home secure because they are very naïve.
  • Either way, you may want to reconsider dating this person, or at least avoid sleeping over.


If the door is secure, tasteful, and maybe even a bright red, your Valentine:

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  • Is the one! Or,
  • Just has good taste, appreciates basic home security needs and décor, and is probably a wise soul.


Although the strong red door may be the one for you, always get to know the person before jumping to conclusions. You can’t truly judge a book by its cover, or a person by their door. If you really like the person but their door is ugly or missing, ask them to look for new doors in Ottawa so you can enjoy your Valentine’s company with peace of mind.

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