DIY Tricks for Ottawa Windows

Anyone Can Perform these Basic Repairs for Windows in Ottawa

Are you experiencing issues surrounding the windows in your Ottawa home? Are you unsure whether they need repair or replacement, or whether it’s something you can do yourself? Some window fixes can be done DIY-style depending on your skill, the tools at your disposal, and of course the severity of the issue. Below is a guide to some simple DIY solutions that most homeowners should be able to do—as well as advice on when to call a professional!

You’ve Got a Draft

Now that winter is finally upon us, you may find your home struggling to retain heat as a chill settles in. If you’re tired of waking up with frozen toes despite the heat being on, investigate your windows. We’ve talked before about the candle trick for determining if you have a drafty window, and it’s really the easiest way to tell. Hold a lit candle by your windows, and if the flame flickers or goes out, then you’ve found a draft. While replacement might be a better long-term solution, it may also be better to wait until spring. For now, you can use special-made shrink film designed for exactly this purpose. Simply affix it to the windows edges so there are no gaps or openings, and use a hairdryer to shrink it.

You’ve Got Broken Glass

You don’t need an Ottawa windows manufacturer to tell you that broken glass is a significant safety hazard that can cause all sorts of injuries. So whenever possible, if you have a broken pane, do what you can to remove all broken glass from the scene immediately, whether you intend to replace the pane yourself or have a professional tend to it. Before you go anywhere near it, make sure you have protective gloves, goggles, and work boots; a steel toe is best. Clean up any glass in the surrounding area and lay down a drop sheet before removing glass shards from the pane. Remove shards very carefully (there’s no need to rush) and put it in a cardboard box—never put it directly in a plastic garbage bag. If there are stubborn portions that just won’t come out, you can use a chisel.

Freeing a Stuck Casement

Some older casement windows in Ottawa are still made of wood, and while they may operate smoothly under most circumstances, they may have a tendency to become stuck in very wet or humid conditions due to swelling in the wood. You can apply wax or other wood-safe lubricating agents to the stuck edge to ensure smooth movement. If that doesn’t work, try using a hand planer on the stuck edge to smooth its surface and shave off just enough wood to give it more mobility without compromising its insulation. If you’re ready to make the switch to aluminum, vinyl, or hybrid frames, contact your local Ottawa windows retailer.

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