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Ottawa Windows and Doors: Quick Fixes

Tips from Window Companies in Ottawa on Common Issues and How to Handle Them

For homeowners in Ottawa, windows and doors are not just features of their homes, but essential assets. In the summer, they help keep conditioned air where you need it, and in the winter, they keep the cold out. They also make your home more secure, create privacy within the home, and provide direct light on beautiful, sunny days. And because they are such vital parts of what makes a house a home, they are that much more frustrating when they act up, get jammed, or otherwise fail to function as usual. Some common window and door issues can easily be fixed at home—others require a professional. Here are some of the problems window companies in Ottawa see the most:

Your Doors Won’t Open or Close

This is such a universal experience that some people take it as an unavoidable fact of life: a door that either won’t open or close without putting all your weight into it. But you don’t have to keep struggling, because this is typically an easy fix. A door that doesn’t open easily is most often the result of a loose hinge, and can be fixed with a screwdriver. Doors that won’t close easily are a little trickier; it could potentially be that the stop molding—the part of the threshold that the door rests against—is warped or misaligned, and needs to be fixed, or you may have a loose or worn-out strike plate.

Sliding Windows Gets Stuck

Window companies in Ottawa don’t carry wooden frames anymore, and for good reason. If you have wooden-framed hung windows that get stuck or are hard to move, it’s almost always a result of warped or swollen wood, and your best course of action is replacement. You can buy much nicer windows and doors in Ottawa, and modern frames are much more resistant to environmental factors. If you have newer windows and they’re still getting stuck, try removing them and inspecting for damage. If they don’t need repairs, then simply clean out the track on both the sash and the frame, and then lubricate with the appropriate products. Pro Tip: This also works for sliding patio doors that get stuck!

Dodging Drafts

Windows and doors can develop drafts for a variety of reasons. For a quick and easy fix, the first thing you should do is check the weather stripping. If it is worn down, then you may be able to fix these drafts by simply replacing it. However, if the door or window is producing a draft through a structural weakness, it may need repair or replacement. Have a number handy for a quality Ottawa windows and doors specialist with the tools to see to your needs.

Of course, not all air leaks result in drafts. If your windows become persistently foggy, this is a good indicator that the insulation between layers has been compromised—contact a window company in Ottawa immediately to repair this.

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