How Door and Window Replacement Boosts Value

Add Comfort, Curb Appeal, and Resale Values with New Doors and Windows in Ottawa

When it comes to boosting curb appeal, adding resale value, and generally improving both the appearance and functionality of your home, there’s more than one way to get the job done. You can renovate, put in new landscaping, repaint your home—and you can get new windows or doors. When it comes to replacement windows, Ottawa manufacturers and retailers aren’t just experts in their trade, but in the benefits that their products bring to homes far and wide. Here, they share a few of the best:

Do Away with Drab Doors

One of the quickest ways to bring added value, comfort, and appeal to your home is with a fresh door. If your old front door is becoming difficult to open, drafty, worn down, or worst of all, an embarrassing first impression for your home, it’s time to kick it to the curb. A brand new steel door, expertly installed, will do wonders for your home, and with added features like a beautiful brass knocker or decorative glass, it can make a stylish statement.

Time for Replacement Windows

Old, dreary windows with chipped paint and ill-fitting frames are doing more harm than simply being difficult to open. They’re leaking warm air, raising your energy bill, and they’re an eyesore. And if you try to put your house on the market with those clunkers still installed, they will drag down the appeal—and the price. Buying new windows in Ottawa is a quick and easy way to boost its appearance and energy efficiency in one fell swoop.

Improving Upkeep

What value does curb appeal really bring to you if you can’t keep it consistent? Sure, your home’s façade was lovely a few months ago, but now the windows are streaked and dirty, the door’s dinged, and you’re back to where you started. Now, it doesn’t have to be this way. While the more traditional hung windows may be a pain in the neck to clean and maintain, it’s not written anywhere that your new replacement windows need to be in the same style. Why not opt for a casement window that’s easy to clean? As for a steel door, you don’t have to worry about metal cracking or chipping the way wood does. So not only are you boosting the value and appeal of your home, but you are making it easier to maintain, too. And when you buy new doors or windows in Ottawa, you can get a warranty that covers them for as much as 20 years—now talk about long-term value!

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