Window Repair vs Window Replacement in Ottawa

4 Considerations before Choosing to Replace or Repair Your Ottawa Windows

As you’re going through your seasonal checklist to prepare your home for the winter, you notice that one of your windows is damaged or defective—what do you do? Do you repair or replace the window? Here are four things to consider if you need a window repaired or replaced in the Ottawa area:

The Extent of Damage

First things first, take a close look at your window to determine how bad the damage is. You might find cracked or broken glass, rotting or split muntins (the metal or wood bars supporting the panes of glass), damaged trim, water damage, or that the window has become difficult to open or close. Any of these individual issue can be repaired, but if you notice more than one of these signs then you will most likely need to replace the window.

The History

If your home is designated as a heritage property, or is part of a heritage community under the Ontario Heritage Act, you will need special approval to change its windows. Although there aren’t many such homes in the Ottawa area, it could limit your window repair or replacement options. Even if your home is not a historical property, it still has a history. If your windows have been repaired often in the past, it may be time to start fresh with Ottawa window replacement services.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors have a large effect on the energy efficiency of a home. A drafty window not only lets cool air in, but allows heated air to escape. As a result, you’re spending more on heating, but getting less actual warmth for it. As windows age, their energy rating also naturally decreases. As bad as the damage to your windows might seem, it could be the perfect opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency with replacement windows in Ottawa.

Your Financial Situation

Think about what you can afford—both now and long-term. Window repairs in Ottawa typically cost less up front, but could be a less efficient option for your home. Alternatively, replacing a window will cost more initially, but will make your home more energy efficient, saving money in the long term.

If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, contact an Ottawa window repair and replacement specialist for an assessment. A damaged or faulty window is an issue that, if left alone, could cost more money and discomfort in the long run. Addressing a faulty window as soon as you find it can save you money on your energy bills, increase the safety and security of your home, and allow your family to be comfortable all year long.

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