Dealing with Drafty Doors and Window Repair

Ottawa Window Experts Help Find, Seal, and Repair the Leaks in Your Home

The cold weather is coming back again, but you’re not worried. Why? Because you’ve got your home to shield you from the elements, of course! But then, the unthinkable happens. The cold air begins to find its way into your home, and you know that you have a draft coming from somewhere in your doors and windows. This not only makes your home uncomfortable, but makes your heating bill significantly more expensive. So what do you do now? Here are some tips from the experts on windows in Ottawa for how you can dodge the draft in your home!

Locate the Leak

First things first, you need to locate where the warm air is escaping and the cold air is entering your home. A quick and easy trick to accomplish this is to light a candle and do a quick walking tour of your home. You can also do this with matches, but you may have to light a few of them. Candle in hand, inspect all your doors and windows. If you see the candle flicker or blow out in a particular spot, then you’ve found a leak!

If Possible, Seal the Leak

If you live in an apartment, or would rather wait for spring to go shopping for windows in Ottawa, there are a few DIY ways to seal drafts and leaks in your home. For example, for loose doors, you can buy adhesive weather stripping, which you can then unroll and use to line the frame, tightening its seal when closed. You can also purchase (or even make) a draft snake, which is installed along the bottom of the door and prevents heat loss.

For window repair, sealing cracks with caulk and installing shrink-wrap window dressings to block drafts will both serve for a time. The latter may leave your window looking silly—as though it’s been saran-wrapped—but is a surprisingly effective short-term solution. Thick curtains in materials such as wool are also a great way to keep heat inside, where it belongs.

Consider Repairs or Replacements

If the source of your draft is a window that is old or broken, it may not be enough to simply seal it. Old windows that have warped or no longer fit in their frames should be replaced with newer, energy-efficient models—try it out and watch how much warmer your home becomes this fall and winter! Even if you have newer windows, if they are damaged in any way, calling on an Ottawa window repair specialist is the way to go. Even your doors can be replaced if necessary, making your home much more comfortable and secure.

For more help with drafts this fall and autumn, get in touch with your trusted experts in manufacturing, installing, and repairing doors and windows!

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