Winter Is Coming: How Energy Efficient Windows Work

In Ottawa, Windows Are Crucial to Energy Saving

With snowfall touching down earlier and earlier each year in Ottawa, windows are being subjected to colder temperatures for longer periods of time. Ensuring proper installation of energy star windows means Ottawa homeowners won’t be losing heat through their windows, and can instead save that money for a sunny vacation during the cold winter months. So, in preparation for the winter, Ottawa homeowners will likely have two questions on their mind: what is an energy efficient window and how do they work?

Energy efficient windows are windows that allow your home to conserve the energy (read: heat) it generates. They work by insulating generated heat within the house and, through specific engineering, keep that heat from escaping through the window. Here are several design efficiencies that Ottawa windows may have to certify them as energy star windows:

Triple glazed windows: In many older houses, windows were typically installed with one single pane of glass. This thin barrier to the harsh winter allowed a lot of heat to escape from the house. Double glazed windows soon became more common, adding a space in between two glass panes and sealing the home’s heat in a little more. Nowadays, Ottawa windows can be installed as triple glazed, meaning there are three panes of glass with two spaces in between. These extra layers stop even more heat from escaping your house, increasing their energy-saving attributes. Triple glaze windows also reduce condensation and cold drafts, making a higher indoor humidity relative to the outside.

Energy Star rating: National Resources Canada has identified specific products as high-efficiency performers in the energy market. Energy star windows meet strict technical specifications for energy performance and are tested and certified to perform in the top 15 to 30 percent of their class. Looking for the familiar symbol makes it easy to identify the best energy performers on the market, and will save you money in the long run while reducing your impact on the environment.

Low-emissivity glass: This type of glass Ottawa windows has a microscopic coating of a thin metal layer whose purpose is to keep heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated.

Insulating spacers: Having foam spacers between the panes of glass is a sure-fire way to reduce condensation caused by the difference in temperatures inside and outside. This addition will also reduce energy costs while adding value to your windows.

These are just some of the features Ottawa windows can have to keep the cold winter out and the heat in. If you have any questions regarding energy star windows, don’t hesitate to contact an Ottawa windows specialist for more information.

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