Easy Summer Window Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Windows in Good Condition, Or Consider Replacement Windows, To Have Well-Functioning Insulated Windows This Summer

If you’re in spring cleaning mode and want to prepare your home for the summer, make sure your windows are in good condition. Quality windows will keep your home comfortable, dry, and cool during the hot summer months, placing less of a strain on your air conditioner and helping you avoid high energy bills. It’s also important to make sure your windows function properly for both safety and convenience. Keep your windows in good condition this summer with these easy maintenance tips, and if you notice any problems, contact the window experts for replacement windows.

Clean Windows & Inspect Window Panes

A good window cleaning before summer will keep your windows looking great and functioning well throughout the season. It’s important to clean windows regularly, on the inside and outside, to avoid dirt and debris from interfering with the window hardware and function. A mixture of warm water, soap, and window cleaner can get the job done well. Work your way from the top windows to the bottom. Use a squeegee or soft cloth to remove cleaner from windows and avoid streaks on the panes. Lastly, make sure to dry any wood window sills and surfaces to avoid mold and mildew growth.

This is also a good time to inspect the condition of the window panes. If you notice any cracks in the panes, consider installing replacement windows before it gets too hot.

Examine Caulking & Weather Stripping

Caulking and weather stripping keep windows sealed and prevent drafts and moisture from entering your home. If either of these are in poor condition—deteriorating, cracked, dry, or missing—they should be replaced immediately to avoid high energy costs and discomfort in your home.

Look for Additional Signs Of Leakage

If there is noticeable moisture on your windows, especially on the sills, dry them well and consider getting replacement windows. This moisture could be due to leaks or poor-quality windows that aren’t well insulated, and will eventually lead to water damage and mold growth on the window sills.

Inspect Window Hardware

Make sure all of your windows open and close properly. Windows that won’t open are a serious fire hazard, and windows that get stuck open will let the elements enter your home. Replace any malfunctioning hardware as soon as possible so your windows can function properly.

Check the Location of Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is near any windows and receives plenty of direct sunlight, use dark curtains on those windows to avoid making your air conditioning system work in overdrive. This will strain your HVAC system and increase your energy bills in the summer.

Once you’ve cleaned, repaired, or replaced your windows, you can enjoy your summer without racking up your home cooling costs or being uncomfortable in the heat and humidity.

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