Choosing Replacement Doors for Your Patio

Design Tips for Selecting the Best Replacement Patio Doors for Your Home

If you’re planning to replace your old patio doors this summer, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Modern patio doors use durable materials, and customizing these doors to suit any home décor for both the interior and exterior is common. If you’re unsure of which style to choose, consider these design tips for selecting the best replacement doors for your patio.

Space to Work With

If you have plenty of space to work with and your furniture won’t be in the way, you can install patio doors that swing open, including French doors. But if your space is limited, sliding patio doors are best. You can also install larger sliding doors to open up your space if it feels too cramped.

Open Up Your Living Space

Since patio doors are your entrance to the outdoors, consider installing doors that will give you an excellent view and open up your living space. Patio doors are also used as an extension of indoor space during the summer. Consider replacement doors that will easily allow you to go in and out, such as French doors and swinging doors.

Energy Performance

Look for Energy Star-rated replacement doors that have the best energy performance in terms of both the frame and the glass. Energy-efficient doors will save you plenty of money on energy bills throughout the year and Low-E glass will prevent the sunlight from fading interior furniture and décor.

Low Maintenance

Durable, easy-to-maintain patio doors will give you more time to enjoy the nice weather in your backyard. Low-maintenance replacement door materials that don’t need repainting include aluminum, clad-wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Match Exterior Décor

When choosing replacement doors, make sure to take into consideration your home’s exterior décor. Some replacement doors will look better than others from the outside of your home. For example, if your home’s siding is cedar, you will want a patio door that will match or complement the wood (solid wood, fiberglass, or wood-finished PVC).

Hinged doors and French doors are customizable to match the other exterior doors of a home, including the garage door. They don’t have as much solid glass as typical sliding patio doors. It is, however, easy to customize sliding patio doors to match many home exteriors. They let in the most natural light and provide a great view of the outdoors.

When choosing patio door designs, consider these tips to make the most out of your new replacement doors. You’ll also make the most of your living space, both inside and outside, this summer.

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