Emergency Window Installation Tips for Winter

DIY Tips for Keeping the Cold Out While Waiting for Professional Window Installation

Winter in Ottawa is the worst time of year to have a broken window, forcing a quick window installation. The temperature can drop drastically and we often have harsh wind chills. We also experience plenty of precipitation in the form of snow and freezing rain.

If your window is cracked or broken, the heat will escape from your home and the cold air will come in quickly, causing your home’s temperature to become uncomfortably cold and drafty, which could lead to frozen and burst pipes.

To avoid heat loss, high energy bills, and water damage from a broken window, schedule a professional window installation as soon as possible. Take photos of the damage for your home insurance claim, and follow these DIY tips. They’ll help you keep the cold and snow out while you wait for the pros to arrive.

Protect Yourself

The most important tip for dealing with a broken window is to always wear protective gear. Thick work gloves, long sleeves, thick pants, thick-soled shoes or boots, and goggles to protect your eyes are a must. You can also use duct tape to pick up any small shards of glass. Be sure to place a tarp on the floor if you have to remove more glass from window.

Use Tape for Simple Cracks

If there is only a simple crack in your window, you can use thick tape to cover the crack on both sides of the pane. Durable tapes, such as:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#EC3826″]

  • duct tape
  • packing tape
  • and masking tape

[/su_list]are excellent options. The more layers of tape you use, the better the insulation and protection from the outdoor elements. To avoid further damage to the window, avoid pushing too hard on the window pane.

Cover Large Openings with Thick Plastic Sheets or Garbage Bags

If your window has a large broken opening, plenty of cracks, or is shattered, you can remove the remaining glass and secure a thick plastic sheet or garbage bag on the window frame using staples or duct tape. Make sure the plastic is taut to keep it secure from the outside elements.

Use a Heavy Blanket or Bubble Wrap for Added Insulation

A good addition to the thick plastic sheet or garbage bag is bubble wrap or a heavy blanket to provide extra insulation from the sub-zero winter temperatures. Since it may take a day or two for your professional window installation, the extra insulation is recommended so you won’t freeze in your home.

From a small crack to a large hole, a broken window should be covered immediately to prevent damage and discomfort from the harsh winter weather. These easy DIY tips will keep you and your home comfortable and safe from the outdoor elements while waiting for your professional window installation.

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