Give Your Windows Decorative Flair

Finding the Right Window Dressings for Your Home

Your windows are just as important as your flooring or the colour of paint for your walls or cabinetry. Trying a new style of window can put a new spin on any room in your home, but isn’t always workable. Ottawa’s a busy place, which often means decorating gets put on the back burner. It’s good news, then, that you can dress Ottawa windows can to update their look in no time.

Here are a few helpful tips for dressing your windows, no matter their style:

Double/Single Sliders

Showcase double and single slider windows the same way you’d highlight a work of art on the wall; use a frame. You can flank a window with gathered curtain panels, capped by a window valance. Mount snug insulation treatments in the frame itself. Accentuate many windows at once, if you want. You’re spoiled for choice with double and single slider windows.


Double-hung windows have a tried-and-true classic look to them. Using pleated panels is a straightforward yet elegant treatment option for covering double-hung windows. You can also add an angular valance to call more sophisticated frills and ruffles to mind.

Swags and cascading panels also offer greater privacy for windows in Ottawa. Cascading panels, meanwhile, can add greater style for a sense of grandeur. These sorts of bold looks are particularly effective in dining rooms.


Casement windows are a more contemporary style, common in many homes. You can still spruce up their look with a few window dressings. Pleated shades give windows clean lines and design. Installing panels on swing-arm rods brings an almost book-like function to your window space. If you’re looking to add a casual comfort to your casement windows, then tab-top panels can give you a laid-back alternative.

As you can see, there are many options available for any style of window you may have in your home. Don’t feel stuck with the drab and dreary when decorating; get in touch with your local window specialist today! They’ll be able to point you in the right direction when you’re looking for added style and function for your windows.

Give your home’s look an update, and start decorating your windows today.

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