Energy Efficient Windows Increase Property Value

Energy Star Windows Will Add Value To Your Home And Save You On Energy Costs

If you live in a cold climate with long winters, such as in Ottawa, energy efficient windows can reduce your home’s energy use, saving you money on energy bills while boosting the value of your home. Potential buyers will prefer homes with Energy Star windows because of the energy savings. When it’s freezing cold outside, energy efficient windows will maintain the desired temperature in your home without losing heat.

Improve Insulation

Energy Star windows use low-E (emissivity) glass, reducing the amount of heat emitted from the interior of your home. Energy efficient windows also feature either two double-glazed panes or three triple-glazed panes to increase insulation and reduce heat loss even more.

The chances of cold drafts and condensation build-up are greatly reduced with well-insulated windows. These windows will keep your home warm and keep you comfortable, even when the wind is howling on the coldest of nights.

Reduce Energy Costs

By efficiently insulating your home and reducing heat loss with energy efficient windows, you can save a significant amount on heating costs during the winter. A reduction in energy use is also beneficial to the environment, making Energy Star windows a great eco-friendly option. These windows will pay off in the long run with the amount of money you will save on energy bills.

Offset Installation Costs with Increased Property Value

Energy efficient windows also pay off by boosting curb appeal and increasing the value of your home. Homes with new windows look better and are easier to sell than those with outdated windows.

When it’s time to sell, make sure to include a record of your window installation and your energy savings (such as utility bills from before and after your window installation). This will help demonstrate the value the windows have added, letting you set a higher price for your property.

New energy efficient windows are durable, designed to withstand the freezing cold temperatures of our long winters. If you’re considering installing Energy Star windows in your home, remember that these new windows will protect you from the cold weather, keeping your home warm, while saving you from costly bills in the long run. And if you do decide to sell, these windows will boost your home’s curb appeal and property value.

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