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Energy Efficient Windows & Glass

Have you thought about energy efficient windows? This may not be at the top of your mind (until now), but losing the precious heat in your home through your windows is a highly unnecessary cost. With inefficient glass that allows heat to escape, you are literally throwing your money out the window!

Considering Ottawa’s harsh winter seasons, good quality, Canadian-made windows make all the difference. Taking advantage of Dalmen Pro’s experts to install low-e (low-emissivity) glass in your windows, you can save a tremendous amount of money in the long-run.

Double and Triple Glazed Windows

In older homes, the windows that were installed were not as energy efficient as the products that are available today. Why is that? Well, the older model windows typically only had one single pane of glass in them, which allowed for a lot of heat to escape through the glass.

With modern Canadian manufacturing and Dalmen’s exclusive energy-efficiency process, Double Glazed Windows have a cavity (space) in between the two glass panes filled with argon gas to offer much higher performance when it comes to keeping heat in.

Dalmen also offers an even more popular Triple Glazed Windows. These models have three panes and two cavities in between, also filled with argon gas. Commonly used in colder climates (like we have here in Canada) but also seen in other regions, triple glazed windows have extra layers to stop even more heat from escaping your house. In addition to the energy-saving aspect, these windows can increase the comfort you feel in your home by reducing condensation (which makes for a higher indoor relative humidity), cold drafts and sound.

Energy Star Windows

Energy Star logoWe are proud to say that our selection of windows and doors are energy star rated. This is the familiar mark of quality and eco-friendliness which means you can trust that our products will not only look great in your home, but will also save you money!

ClimaGuard Glass

When it’s freezing cold outside, it’s still sunny and warm inside. The low emissivity 80/70 ClimaGuard glass is specially engineered to keep warmth inside and maximize solar gain in a northern climate. When comparing how much energy ClimaGuard saves compared to other types of glass, it ranks much higher and is therefore one of the best options for energy efficient window installations.

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Energy Efficient Climaguard Windows

Super Spacer Glass System

Super Spacer System

Super Spacer is a dual seal insulating glass system. This non-metal, structural foam spacer clearly resists condensation, reduced energy costs, provides long-life durability and adds both comfort and value to your windows. Incorporated within the Super Spacer System is the 80/70 ClimaGuard glass, which is a great option if you are looking for energy efficient windows.

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