Great Alternative Uses for Old Patio Doors

After A Patio Door Replacement, Consider These Nifty Ideas for Reusing Your Old Patio Doors

Once you’ve had your new slide and stack patio doors installed, you can do some pretty amazing things with your old patio doors. Glass doors are both functional and attractive, making them a useful material for a variety of home projects. Whether you want to renovate your home or make a useful energy-efficient appliance, there are plenty of options to get the most out of your old patio doors after a door replacement. Consider these great alternative uses for old patio doors:

Sliding Shower Doors

If you plan to renovate your bathroom and add beautiful glass shower doors, you can save money by using your old patio doors. Glass shower doors add elegance to a bathroom while being especially easy to clean.

Glass Door Closets & Armoires

A modern glass door closet can be just what your bedroom or office needs for an improved décor. You could also build an armoire with glass doors to showcase art and other collectables.


If you’re into gardening or you want to start, you can build your own greenhouse with your old patio doors. Greenhouses are especially useful for growing plants, vegetables, and flowers in Canada.

Solar Panels & Appliances

Solar energy is the best form of energy when it comes to renewable and environmentally-friendly energy sources. If you’re willing to take on a DIY solar panel project, you can use your old patio doors and save on some of the building materials.

Like solar panels, solar appliances are great energy-saving alternatives for your home. And you can reuse old patio doors as the perfect material for building them. There are plenty of patio door uses for solar energy appliances that you can make at home, including:

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  • Ovens,
  • Fryers,
  • Solar absorption chillers, and
  • Water heaters.


Sell, Trade, Or Give Away

If you don’t have the time or space to reuse your old patio doors for one of these amazing projects, there will probably be someone who will use them. Go online to sell, trade, or find someone to give the doors to. If you’re not up for building solar panels, recycling your old doors is another environmentally-friendly option.

Once you’ve had a patio door replacement with new slide and stack patio doors, remember that there are plenty of options for your old doors. Old patio doors are useful for a variety of DIY home projects, and reusing them or recycling them is also beneficial for the environment.


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