Keep Cool This Summer with Triple Glazed Windows

When it comes to new window installations, many consumers who purchase either double or triple glazed windows may believe the energy efficiency benefits of these windows can be felt during the cold months of winter only.

However, did you know that installing triple glazed windows can also help you keep your cool this summer? Indeed, fabricating the best triple glazed windows is both a science and an art!

If you’re considering new window installations this summer, here is what you need to look for when it comes to double or triple glazed windows:

Know the U-Value of Your Window

The term U-Value is something you will hear frequently when researching which type of triple glazed window will be right for you and your home. Indeed, this term refers to the amount of heat that passes through a glazed window. If energy-efficiency is your primary concern, look for windows with the lowest U-Value possible.

What will a low U-Value window mean for you this summer? With less solar heat passing through your windows, you will enjoy a much more pleasant ambient temperature inside your home without the need to crank up your air-conditioning!

The Frame to Fit Your Needs

Much scientific research goes into ensuring each glass pane is coated according to specifications which will help ensure the best energy conservation possible. But did you know that equal importance should also be given to which type of window frame you choose during your window installations as well?

One of the trends in the industry today is installing triple glazed windows which feature an aluminum hybrid window frame. These are known as the ideal frames for most window installations, as they are lightweight and offer easy maintenance throughout the years.

As consumers, you will be faced with a myriad of choices when it comes to choosing your window frame. As always, feel free to get in contact with window experts who can easily recommend the best frame for your aim!

What Happens Between the Glass Panels

Finally, when shopping for your glazed windows, you should ensure they are energy-efficient by asking whether the space between the glass panels is at least 1.2cm, and whether it is filled with Argon gas. This gas is the industry standard when it comes to blocking the freezing air out during winter months, and keeping the cool air inside when the weather heats up outside.

Now what about you? How are you going to keep your cool this summer?

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