Patio Door Installation in Ottawa

Trends for the Best Patio Doors in 2015

Whether it is in hardwood, hemlock, oak or aluminum, there are countless ways to get the patio door, and patio door installation that you are looking for. The selection of doors in Ottawa is large and is sure to have what you are looking for. Whether you are a new homeowner designing your home, or you are in the process of updating your current house with new patio doors in Ottawa, you can find something that will suit your home. In order to help you out, we’ve put together a list of some current trends for patio doors in Ottawa:

Sliding Patio Door

The great thing about sliding patio doors is that they work wonders when space is limited. Furniture can be placed just in front of the pane that remains closed, both inside and outside. This type of door allows a great amount of light to enter the room.

Although sliding patio doors in Ottawa have been around for some time now, the science of patio door installation is always evolving. Forget about the flimsy doors that act up every time you open and close them. Your sliding patio door installation will ensure that your doors are safe and easy to slide.

Swinging Patio Door

Swinging patio doors can offer a charming touch to your home décor. This style is common when there is limited door space, and is particularly nice when you want a decorative patio and are looking for an artistic door. You can choose from aluminum, wood or other materials and have a colour that will match the rest of your home décor. Earthy tones such as a light taupe are very popular this year.

Doors in Ottawa must also be able to withstand the change of temperatures with the seasons, and swinging patio doors are built strong enough to last through the winter season.

French Door Pair

With a French door pair, you have the option of opening either one door or both doors to maximize the size of the opening. There are countless ways to have your French door pair. From dozens of wooden shades and colours on aluminum, you can personalize your patio doors just the way you want them. For example, you can get a wooden patio door installation with a half circle glass on each door, to form a whole circle when the doors are closed.

No matter the style you choose, patio doors in Ottawa are a stylish and durable choice.

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