Make the Most of Window AC In Ottawa’s Heat

How To Keep Window Air Conditioners Looking While You Stay Cool in the City’s Summer Heat

Since Ottawa had its first taste of hot and humid summer weather, Ottawa residents are starting to install their window air conditioner (AC) units for the season. Window AC units save Ottawa residents from the scorching heat waves and blankets of humidity that we often experience in the summer. But ACs can certainly be an eyesore—while also being noisy and putting a strain on our energy consumption. To reduce the negative impacts of an AC unit on your Ottawa windows and energy bill this summer, consider the following:

Clean Your Windows Prior To Installation

Since you probably won’t be able to clean your window exteriors once the AC is installed (unless the AC is installed on the ground floor), clean your windows prior to installation. Even if your window looks unattractive with the AC unit in it, at least it will be clean.

Level Your AC

For a safe and efficient installation, make sure your AC is level. This will ensure proper drainage and keep your AC secure in the window.

Use Clear Plexiglas

Replacing accordion AC panels with clear Plexiglas lets more natural light in through your windows. Buy Plexiglas sheets from a hardware store, then measure the gaps between the AC unit and window frame. With the protective cover is still on the Plexiglas, score the dimensions with a glass cutter or a box cutter (using the dull side) and snap the pieces off. You can then remove the protective cover and screw the Plexiglas pieces into the window sash and the bottom rail.

Properly Fill & Seal the Gaps

To avoid paying significantly more for energy bills, make sure to properly seal the AC and window so you won’t lose cool air. Fill all gaps around the side panels and between frames and sashes using AC insulating seals, weather tape, or weather-strip seals. Filling and sealing gaps can also reduce the loud rattling noise from your AC.

Clean AC Filters Regularly

While most new ACs will notify you when your filter needs cleaning, if yours doesn’t, try to clean it every week. Vacuuming, wiping, and running your filter under warm water removes dirt, dust, and pollen, and keeps your AC working efficiently.

Clean the AC Coils

The AC coils should be cleaned occasionally as they also get covered in dirt, dust, and pollen. Gently clean the coils with a toothbrush and wipe them down with a cloth and warm soapy water. The coils and AC should be completely dry before turning it back on.

Maintain A Cool Home

Close the windows and draw the curtains during hot days to keep your home cooler. These simple steps help prevent your AC from working harder to cool your home and save you from additional energy costs.

Although our summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid, a properly installed window AC in Ottawa can make the world of difference in the comfort level of your home.

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