Is Now the Time for Replacement Windows?

It is probably fair to say that replacement windows are a necessary investment most homeowners approach with significant trepidation. While a good set of windows in Ottawa can actually last for decades, the time does come when patching, padding, or seasonal insulating have done all they can do to extend a window’s life. Avoiding the issue would end up being far more costly in the long run. Although it can be tricky to determine when the right time is to research replacement window options, there are some common, clear signs or clues that homeowners can look for that will help make the decision for new windows easier.

Drafty windows are widely agreed to be one of the most obvious signs that your windows in Ottawa need to be replaced. What a drafty window is really indicative of is lack of a functioning seal. Sealing and weather stripping may temporarily stop the flow of cold air in and warm air out (or vice-versa), but the problem is guaranteed to progress over time—along with the unpleasant cost of high utility bills.

Increased utility bills are a clear indicator that windows are not performing. Older windows are not energy efficient, leading to higher than necessary heating and cooling costs. Many experts point out that it may be more cost-effective over time to invest in new, energy-efficient, high-performance replacement windows than to maintain the status quo with higher energy bills.

The presence of condensation is another unfortunate by-product of windows in Ottawa that have long since passed their prime. Moisture, condensation and fog all indicate seal failure; water is getting through the seal and condensing on the glass instead of the window doing its job as a barrier to the outside elements–well performing windows effectively keep all air and moisture outside of the interior premises.

Difficulty opening or shutting windows in Ottawa points to an issue of balance, or rather, a failure of balance. It’s more common in older windows and leads to a window being unable to stay up when opened, and thereby slamming shut—a hazard for obvious reasons!

Faded colours on much-loved drapes, furniture or rugs are also a sign that a home’s windows are old—and possibly cheap.  Fading is indicative of poor UV protection, as the sun’s rays are obviously penetrating the panes, and as a result, ruining your living space.

New windows essentially protect homes and help keep them efficient—as well as looking great! In the end, the best solution to long term wear is simply invest in replacement windows. It’s worth the investment!

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