Windows Replacement 101: Are Yours at Their Best?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the window’s in our home are the soul of our home life.

The wonderful thing about Ottawa is that it’s known for being a pleasant and green city, although the extreme seasonal variations make our homes especially susceptible to all weather elements which, in the end, may require some window replacement in Ottawa homes.

Windows are the gateway to the outdoors in the comfort and convenience of our home. Windows offer natural light that illuminates our rooms and gives life to our indoor plants. They also provide us with the opportunity to experience the pleasant sights and landscapes of the outdoors. Fresh air is drawn in through breeze and air circulation stirs new oxygen to freshen our surrounds and invigorate the flow of nature’s energy.

Well maintained windows also offer a sleek and pleasant frame to our exterior. Whether the panels, curtains or drapes are used to frame our outdoors, the pleasantries of the natural world can be enjoyed in the comfort of our home all seasons.

In order to maintain the pleasant interactions between our indoor and outdoor worlds and add value through sleek enhancements, window maintenance is necessary.  Window replacement in Ottawa becomes necessary when the elements become a burden in our home; such as precipitation or drafts that ultimately deteriorate the homes that we work hard to keep looking fresh and new.

 3 reasons it may be time for windows replacement:

  1. Poor performance
  • Opening and closing is a difficult task
  • Air leaks, condensation or fogging occurs on or between glass panes
  • Sounds of outside activities such as traffic come into our homes, affecting our serenity, comfort and peace indoors
  • Windows are nailed shut and do not open
  • Windows are no longer serving their purpose to create a pleasant weatherized and controlled boundary between our indoor and outdoor worlds. Cool air can come in during the cooler seasons, or heat waves penetrate through our windows. This will affect our temperature comforts and costs associated with air conditioning and heating.
  1. Overall Appearance
  • Chipping of paint and water stains are noticeable
  • Design/style is outdated. In fact, a sleek and clean window is one of the best ways to add value to our home and show how much maintenance and care we invest into our most valuable asset.
  1. Selling your Home

There is no better time for windows replacement then when selling our homes. Upon presentation to prospective buyers, real estate agents will confirm that the status of the home’s windows is a demonstration to the prospective buyer of how seriously the seller has considered maintenance of the home’s vital functions over the years.  Functional, maintained windows, demonstrate to the buyer a trust in the seller’s care of the home. Naturally, the buyer will have confidence in your home.  Additionally, never forget that when replacing windows, a consistent style and design of all your windows is the best way to add aesthetic appeal to your home.

Let the eyes of your home speak volumes!

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