Quick Fixes for Damaged Windows

Tips for Preventing Further Damage While Waiting for Ottawa Window Installers to Arrive

Ottawa’s summers are filled with wild thunderstorms that can do some serious damage to homes and windows. Strong winds can throw branches, gravel, and debris at windows, while hail can be just as damaging. If your windows become damaged during a thunderstorm, it is important to quickly fix the windows to prevent further damage to your home, keeping the hot air, humidity, rain, and hail out. While you’re waiting for window installers in Ottawa to arrive, you can follow these emergency window repair tips to temporarily fix your window and protect your home from further damage.

Window Cracks

Gently clean the window and allow it to dry before making repairs. For small cracks, use clear nail polish or shellac to fill in the cracks. Apply a few coats—waiting for each coat to dry first—until the cracks are filled and flush with the rest of the glass.

For cracks that are a bit larger, use super glue to fill them in—applying a layer once the previous layer has dried—until the cracks are filled and flush with the glass.

Another option is to gently cover the crack with duct tape, masking tape, or clear packing tape on both the inside of the window and the outside, if possible. Try not to place too much pressure on the glass while applying the tape to avoid further cracking or pushing the window pane out completely.

Holes and Shattered Windows

Wear thick protective gloves and eyewear when handling broken windows. Lay a tarp down to collect any broken glass and to protect the area from broken glass and water damage. Remove the remaining glass from the window.

If the window is too large, you may need to remove the entire frame first and lay it on a flat surface to reach all of the glass pieces. You can either remove the glass piece by piece or cover the pane with masking tape and use a hammer to gently tap and loosen the glass.

Once the glass is removed, cover the window by stapling or taping up a thick plastic sheet or a heavy duty garbage bag. For extra protection, or if there’s extensive damage—i.e. damage to multiple windows, frames, or very large windows—board up the windows with plywood. To do this:

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  • Locate the studs around the window;
  • Measure the window including one inch past the studs;
  • Cut a ½-inch plywood sheet to size;
  • Screw the plywood into the frame—screws should go into the frame by a minimum of two inches;
  • Drill in screws every 16 inches around the frame.


These quick fixes will protect your home from the elements while you’re waiting for Ottawa window installers to arrive. Whether your window is damaged during a storm, or from something else this summer, keep your home safe, comfortable, and dry by fixing your windows promptly.

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