Renovating? Choose Professional Window Installers and Styles

How to Pick Windows That Look Great With Help From Pro Window Installers

Replacing older windows is an expensive endeavor. You’ll save on energy costs, add value and appeal to your home; however, don’t expect to recoup the investment instantly. As you start planning, keep in mind the importance of professional window installers: they are as important an investment as choosing appropriate windows for your home. After all, if the job is poorly done you’re back to square one, even after shelling out for window upgrades.

Window Selection

Not completely certain how to start the window selection process? Here are some useful tips:

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  • Select your home’s window style and structure: slider, double-hung, casement, or transom.
  • Get familiar with the anatomy of a window, including stiles, sash, muntins, mullions, and side and head casings, to better communicate what you’re looking for.
  • Learn which climate zone your new windows should be certified for; enter your postal code on Natural Resources Canada’s site. Consider buying a product certified for a zone colder than yours for additional energy savings.
  • Decide whether you need double- or triple-glazed glass; both are filled with inert gas to provide better insulation, and a triple glaze significantly reduces noise.
  • Look for e-coating (emissivity coating), which improves the efficiency of glass by reflecting heat while letting light in and blocking UV rays.


Window Installers

The professional window installers your choose are crucial to the overall installation. Before committing to a specific company, you need to know the work will be done accurately and safely by the window installation team. Be sure to get installation and workmanship warranties in writing.

Additional questions should include:

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  • Are the window installers trained and certified to do the work? What about the team’s level of experience? How long have they been installing windows?
  • Are the window installers independent contractors or employees of the company? Employees are more likely to be paid by the hour as opposed to by the job, and less likely do sloppy work.
  • Are there photos or videos of other window installation projects the installers have completed for you to see?
  • Are they listed on the Better Business Bureau site, with any past or current complaints about window installation or their company under Ottawa Home Services? If there were issues, how were they resolved?


Feel free to ask for references and follow up with them. Questions should include whether the work was completed in a timely fashion, if the references considered the professional installers trustworthy, and how the installers dealt with changes, questions, or additional explanations.

Last Thoughts

A final note for the educated consumer: take your time when you make your choice! Read and fully understand the contract before signing. And, as with any home renovation project, never pay the full cost upfront.

Don’t hesitate to check with family and friends for recommendations and feedback about companies that interest you. Buy local to facilitate problem resolution, if any after-purchase or installation issues arise.

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