‘Tis The Season For Windows And Doors

Why Fall Is The Best Time For Door and Window Replacement

August is slowly creeping by with high temperatures and a few more weeks of summer fun. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the warm, sunny weather to spruce up their homes with renovations. While summer may seem like an optimal time for home renovation and repair, autumn is much more efficient and cooperative. While you may be dreaming about hot chocolate and crunchy leaves, window and door replacements should be added to your autumn daydream roster.

Here are a few great reasons why you should look into door and window replacement this fall.

Autumn Availability

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners view summer and spring as the best times to undergo home renovations. That means the availability of renovation companies is stretched thin to accommodate the high volume of contracts received during these times. Opting to replace your windows and doors during the fall means you’ll spend less time waiting for a renovation team to become available. So while other homeowners are busy thinking about cozy sweaters, start thinking about replacement doors and windows instead!

Settling In

Windows and doors can be replaced at any time of the year. While you can’t choose when materials will break or need replacement, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the best time to renovate before any mishaps happen. Autumn is often considered an optimal renovation time due to the lack of extreme temperatures. Summer and winter go to both ends of the extreme weather spectrum, meanwhile, and can cause issues during installment such as moisture creeping into the surrounding areas or caulking not setting properly. Both these issues can ruin a perfectly good installment, leaving you with poorly fitted window and door frames.

Energy Efficiency And Comfort Quality

Speaking of ill-fitting doors and windows, this issue can greatly affect the performance of any energy-efficient windows. Energy efficient windows only work properly if they are airtight, and snug in the frame. If your energy efficient windows are installed in improper conditions, any money you wish to save through energy efficiency will literally go right out the window. It’s also worth noting that installations will result in windows and doors being open or removed entirely during the renovation, resulting in a lot air circulating throughout a home. Autumn is a great option for these renovations, as keeping your home’s temperature consistent isn’t as vital as it is in summer or winter.

Deciding to replace your windows and doors in the fall means you’ll get the most out of the renovation. You can rest easy knowing they’ll settle in properly, and you get to avoid the usual spring and summer rush. So skip the summer and spring renovation hustle and bustle—opt for autumn!

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